Acibadem Sistina Hospital signed sponsorship agreement with the Macedonian Basketball Federation. As a health institution that is a leader in sports injuries prevention and treatment, the hospital with all its resources is going to take care of player’s health from the men’s and women’s senior national team, as well as the youth basketball national teams.


National team member’s sports examinations are going to take place in the first state of the art sports center, Premium Sport Center. It is a leading edge and forefront equipped center for healthy living in the country which in one place offers complete and integrated healthy living care – physical medicine, rehabilitation and nutrition, and in the same time has proven team of doctors, physiotherapists, sports medicine doctor, nutritionists, professional coaches and certified instructors with long experience.

 “We, as Acibadem Sistina Hospital, strongly believe in the success of the basketball players and in the same time we appreciate the commitment of the Basketball Federation of North Macedonia. In the near future, we expect that again they will achieve great success similar to the sports sensation in 2011 at the European Championship in Lithuania. It is of utmost importance to us to support and help sports, since that adds value not only to the country, but to the citizen as well. As a hospital we are strongly committed to their health and of course in the future we will take care of their readiness and their excellent physical condition.


Sports examinations of the National Team members are going to take place in the first state of the art sports center – Premium Sport Center”, stated Mr. Gun Gunsoy, Acibadem Sistina Hospital Chief Executive Director.

The President of the Macedonian Basketball Federation, Pero Antikj, today visited the Center for Healthy Life – Premium Sport Center and got acquainted with the facility, opportunities and equipment of the first specialized center of its kind in the country. His impressions are that exactly on this place the Macedonian basketball players are going to get the most professional preparation in order to give maximum sports results on the field.


“As a federation, we are extremely pleased to have established cooperation with Acibadem Sistina Hospital. Many thanks to the CEO Gjun and to my dear friend Orce Kamchev, without whom this would not have happened. This sports center has literally everything an athlete needs. Players are going to have the opportunity to improve their readiness, faster than anywhere else, and not to forget that the center has all state of the art equipment that will enable faster recovery in case of injury,” said Pero Antic, KFSM President.

Acibadem Sistina Hospital actively contributes to sports and sports activities development of in the country, as a National sports team’s supporter, as well as to number of individual athletes. With the opening of the first specialized center for healthy life – Premium Sport Center, the hospital provides professional care for every athlete at world sports centers level.