Mission, vision and values


Health promotion as well as overall quality of life through provision of high- quality health care services according to international guidelines, applied by renowned experts and state-of-the-art equipment.


Inspired by the motif to meet the specific patient needs, we are striving towards our end goal which is being the uncontested leader in the region’s health care sector. Our vision reflects in the continuous development and improvement of our organization to the level of an entirely integrated system which creates and trains new personnel, sets highest criterion and quality of operations and provides high- quality health care services according to international standards for all patient populations.


“The patient as our priority“

Our values are an expression of our vision and will to always give our very best.

Respect and trust. Every individual should be treated with respect, taking into consideration the person’s specific needs. Our overall respect is based on mutual trust and understanding.

Care. We believe in the power of the smile, kind word and compassion during the process of patient’s treatment.

Improvement. We are making continuous efforts to be better than before. We are well aware that our attitude can change the behavior of people in our surroundings. We are all dependant on one another and the continuous improvement gives us an opportunity to grow together.

Innovation. We are always ready to be pioneers in the delivery of care, introducing latest procedures, interventions and processes which are beneficial for the patient.

Team work. We strongly believe that success is the result of joint dedication and team work. This kind of approach enables us create an environment of mutual trust and respect. We practice a multidisciplinary approach in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.