Our team has the greatest value for us. As a superior healthcare institution, we strive to attract and to retain the best healthcare workers in our large family. Therefore we have created a special program that will enable professional development for our employees, guarantee their rights and provide a pleasant and stimulating working environment. This is one of our top priorities since a satisfied and motivated staff is the key to high-quality healthcare service.

Acibadem Sistina Hospital has a continuous need of:


Required qualifications and knowledge

  • Secondary medical school completed and state exam passed
  • Compulsory working experience at the position for which applies
  • Knowledge of English (speaking, reading, writing)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to take initiative and motivation for continuous additional education / upgrading knowledge
  • Skills for teamwork
  • Strong work ethics


Online Career Application

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Active Ads

PositionDepartmentReleased onStatus
Supervisor in hospital kitchen02/03/2020Active
Mechanical technician19/02/2020Active
Service-technician for control and maintenance of medical devices 19/02/2020Active
Management Trainee17/01/2020Active
Nurse – ObstetricianGynecology and Obstetrics 12/11/2019Active
Doctor of Medicine01/10/2019Active
Social Media Specialist and Web Editor (fluent in Albanian language) 31/01/2019Active
Administrative assistant (fluent in Turkish language)10/01/2019Active
Administrative assistant (fluent in Albanian language)10/01/2019Active
Operator at the Call Center in Macedonian and AlbanianCall Center23/11/2018Active