Neonatology Outpatient Care

At the Department of Neonatology we take care of the health and wellfare of healthy newborns by monitoring their growth and development and by providing diagnostics, treatment and monitoring to ill newborns. The best team of pediatricians, neonatologists and highly educated nurses also provide a visiting nurse service at your request.

The Department provides:

  • Prescribed treatment for newborns
  •  Mothers’ education (on breastfeeding and care of newborns)
  •  Special care of newborns who experience problems adapting
  •  Treatment of postnatal infections
  •  Monitoring of the vital functions
  •  Phototherapy
  •  Exsanguino-transfusion
  •  Post-intensive care and treatment of newborns
  •  Diagnostics of congenital cardiac defects
  • Visiting nurse

Consultative neonatal outpatient activity

Our neonatologist experts perform regular follow-up examinations monitoring the growth and development of newborns and infants of up to one year of age. They also perform consultative examinationsand provide expert advices on newborns’ care.

Education on breastfeeding and care of newborns

Mothers are being educated on breast milk benefits and  assisted in  acquiring breastfeeding techniques. They also receive advice on home care provision for the newborn. Such approach strengthens mothers’ self-confidence  giving them a sense of security. Every mother at “Acibadem Sistina” receives  the “Maternal and Neonatal Care After Childbirth” brochure in which the basic principles of baby care are described in detail.

Visit by a visiting nurse

The neonatal period of development is of utmost importance.  Regular healthcare controls and care are critical to its healthy life. The purpose of visiting newborns program carried out by visiting nurses is to help the mother and the baby at home  and to perform the necessary check-ups.

Your neonatologist

Babies born at “Acibadem Sistina” have their own neonatologist since birth. He/She is fully committed to their growth and development in the early days of life. “Your neonatologist” is a concept that builds the mother’s confidence  since she knows someone is always there for her baby.

Free controls over the first month

Babies born at “Acibadem Sistina” have the opportunity for free of charge controls over the first month of their life. At the same time, this is also the most important support for the mother  as there is always a strong need for expert consultation