The most advanced equipment and the most modern methods in treating cancer patients are applied at the Oncology Department of “Acibadem Sistina” Hospital. Dr. Deva Petrova, a specialist radiotherapist, says cytostatics in chemotherapies are applied by a special so-called port system that avoids frequent punctures, that is, peripheral veins pricking; along with the local effects of cytostatics it could cause damage, thrombosis and sclerosis of the vascular wall. According to her, the port system for a permanent venous access plays a key role in modern oncology.

“Considering that the therapy is applied directly through the system to a larger venous blood vessel, the use of a port system reduces the possibility of its fibrosis, and as a result of its proper maintenance, the possibility of thrombosis is reduced”, says Dr. Petrova.

She adds that Acibadem Sistina Hospital provides the possibility for setting up venous port- systems and that the possibility of applying chemotherapy by continuous chemotherapy pumps is unique in the country.

“It is of particular importance for the quality of life in patients with oncology disorders, where continuous venous chemotherapy protocols for 24, 46, and 94 hours are used. The use of pumps for application of continuous chemotherapy allows patients to receive chemotherapy at home, reducing the time these patients spend at the hospital. It is of particular importance given that patients receive the therapy in an interval of six months, usually postoperatively, or in case of a metastatic disease the interval may be one or more years”, adds Dr. Deva Petrova.

She notices that these pumps are small and can be worn in a suitable holder under clothing; they can operate by a small battery or continuous pressure. Appropriate amount of the cytostatics, prescribed by the responsible oncologist according to the chemotherapeutic protocol is applied in the pump and the oncology nurse connects the pump to the venous port system. The patient receives instructions for controlling the continuous infusion pump and comes for its removal after a specified time interval.