AS Commonpass

An easy and very simple way to download and have the results of the COVID-test performed at the Acibadem Sistina Hospital laboratory is now available with CommonPass. This digital certificate enables you to have your coded status always documented, thus moving easily in the country and abroad, of course in line with the requirements and conditions required by the adopted rules. Acibadem Sistina Hospital has a certified laboratory that has proven to provide safe and rapid testing, and with the CommonPass confirmation you will have all your health status data documented in person on your cell phone.

The CommonPass certificate is digital proof that a person has a negative test result.

CommonPass certificate is:

* in digital and/or printed form

*with QR code

*free of charge

*in English language

*safe and secured

How CommonPass works?

People who want to use CommonPass can access their results from Acibadem Sistina Labоratory.

The CommonPass platform checks that a person’s laboratory results and vaccination data are reliable and that they contain the health screening requirements of the destination country.

When the requirements are met, CommonPass creates a simple digital certificate that a person can present or share without disclosing any personal health information.

CommonPass is designed to be accessible directly through other applications and services. Using CommonPass and CommonTrustNetwork, governments can reliably verify each passenger’s verified COVID status, while airline and cross-border travel can safely return to “normal” for passengers, airlines and governments.

CommonPass is designed to protect data privacy and comply with data privacy regulations, adhering to the following privacy principles:

Data is stored or shared only with the consent given.

Only a minimal amount of personal data is used for any transaction.

Personal health information is stored only on the data source or on the user’s phone.

Data is stored only to the extent necessary and is never used for any other purpose.

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