Together we create a better world for the animals


Khan was alone, until recently. Now, together with the young Goethe, they are real attraction at the Skopje ZOO. Both sea lions are cute, nice and clever. Recently, their home at the Zoological Garden was reconstructed after “Acibadem Sistina” Hospital arranged it with a donation. New, nice and functional roof was installed. There has been no roof so far imposing a really great problem for Kahn since he does not tolerate the hot sun. And now, besides being covered, their home is equipped according to their needs. And they respond by additional love.


“Together we create a better world for the animals” – these words are written on the new Khan and Goethe’s home. It was the main reason why “Acibadem Sistina” decided to donate money and make something important for them. As a socially responsible company, the hospital, a leader in the healthcare services in the region, believes that everyone must be more responsible towards animals. And they really know how to make the day beautiful, to fill it with love and peace.

The day of our ZOO visit was really hot. Khan and Goethe were in extraordinary mood, inspired by Venyamin, the man who feeds them daily; he loves them and gets their love back. In the true sense of the words. They have a special relationship. The way he gives them food is a special ritual. Children visiting the ZOO, in a great number, can verify it during weekends. It stirs emotion, but applause and admiration as well. Venyamin claims that their home now looks much better, and the picture wouldn’t be completed if both Khan and Goethe weren’t cheerful indeed.

The roof construction is of high-quality, and “Acibadem Sistina” Hospital set off in an effort to contribute honestly and with pure love to children and the animals. In the end, the good thing is that the first to benefit are Khan and Goethe, who deserve more.