The most advanced dermatoscope in the world Mole Max HD PRO only in


The most advanced dermatoscope in the world Mole Max HD PRO only in “Acibadem Sistina”

Do you check your moles after sun exposure? After the harmful effects of the sun’s rays the risk of melanoma increases. Mole Max HD PRO is the latest generation of dermatoscopes in the world that early diagnoses of skin cancer. This highly advanced machine allows full body scan with only one scanning, which at the same time allows more accurate scanning of pigment body changes. After the scanning, the modern software of Mole Max HD PRO dermatoscope determines the risk of any pigmentation. If there is presence of a high risk mole it can be removed on time, before it becomes cancer, thus preventing skin cancer. According to the results of the examination, the machine determines when the next check-up should be. All patient data are stored in separate files, which allow comparison on each check-up. The Mole Max HD PRO dermatoscope, which is used by the top dermatological centers in the world, in our region is available exclusively in “Acibadem Sistina”.
Statistics are witness to the importance of preventive examinations for skin cancer in Macedonia. By the number of new cases per year in Europe, our country is at the top. Skin cancer is the most common human cancer in the world.