The Fifth IVF Attempt Has Brought Our Greatest Joy


After four years of trying, 4 unsuccessful inseminations, 2 hysteroscopies and 4 IVF attempts, the fifth IVF attempt has brought us joy, happiness, our daughter Michaela, our sun that has been warming us since June 12, thanks to Dr. Mitko Ivanovski. This beauty wiped out all moments of suffering, disappointments, tears, and pain present along the thorny path we went through.

We struggled for 4 years at 3 hospitals (two in our country and a renowned IVF center in Prague) with good reference for successful IVF; however they were unsuccessful and painful for us. After every failure I wondered why it was happening to us. Before any new cycle we were full of energy, positivity, self-confidence, and enthusiasm and confident that invested effort would bring us successful IVF. I was looking forward to the days when B-HCG was supposed to be performed and then sadness, great pain, despair followed, including the question I asked myself – Where am I wrong?

Additional implication to the great pain was caused by the hormone therapy I was administered during a cycle. Now I wonder where I found the strength to return to my daily life and fill the void I was deep within.

When we realized that our natural attempts were unsuccessful, we decided to seek professional help. We went to a renowned clinic with recommendation for a doctor that successfully treats infertility to help us realize our desire for a baby. There were several tests to be performed, hoping that the results would be in order and we were looking forward to the day of the first insemination, and then the second, the third. The doctor running my process of insemination did not pay attention to the great septum I had, which made the inseminations unsuccessful.

Then we changed the hospital, thinking that the IVF would fulfill our desire to get a baby. But it didn’t happen. Failed IVF attempts lined up, making the disappointment even greater. Before any preparation for a new IVF cycle we asked the doctors if we have missed some test. The answer has always been negative. I performed all analysis and examinations on my own initiative, stubbornly, reading the experiences of couples who went through the story we were going through.

Since the outcome of the IVF attempt in Prague was negative, after long deliberation and consultation we decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mitko Ivanovski from Acibadem Sistina Hospital. Considering the challenges we have gone through, Dr. Ivanovski with his positive spirit, spontaneity, calmness, friendly attitude and expertise has reinvigorated the hope that we will be part of his successful IVF stories too.

And it happened on October 29, 2018; after 4 years of trying we got a positive result for pregnancy. We were left speechless when we received the news about the result from Acibadem Sistina Hospital. We were in shock. Disbelief. I couldn’t believe the accuracy of the result and even asked to repeat the test. After the bleeding at the beginning of my pregnancy, I spent the remaining period in fear that something would happen to the fetus, and I was not relaxed or grounded at all; after every regular screening I was afraid to feel joy and have a smile. And the fetus developed well, appropriate for every gestation week.

The support by the doctor throughout my entire pregnancy was great. He was always available for any questions that may come to mind and the fears that regularly arise in any pregnant woman. At each examination, the doctor rejoiced at the growth of the fetus and the normal course of pregnancy.

On June 12, a warm sunny day, in the 37th week of pregnancy, my husband and I became parents of a healthy female child. We got Michaela. Dr. Ivanovski and his team made the birth of our child at its best and it fulfilled our desire to experience the most emotional and beautiful event in our lives.

From our experience so far, I am free to say that Dr. Ivanovski from the Department of Assisted Reproduction at Acibadem Sistina Hospital has the best IVF team of embryologists, anesthesiologists, and medical staff. Their positive energy, the close and immediate relation they establish with patients as well as their experience enabled me to have an easy IVF procedure in its entirety.

I am writing this letter to share our story, the thorny path we have taken during these 4 years to get a child. What motivated us not to give up the hard struggle were the successful stories we read and heard, giving us a hope that one day we would write the beautiful story with a happy ending.

See you again, for another kid,