The famous handball player Filip Mirkulovski visits Premium Center for Healthy Living


Macedonian handball national team member Filip Mirkulovski today visited the state-of-the-art and modernly equipped Premium Center for Healthy Living and Physical Therapy. He got acquainted with the capacities and opportunities offered by the center, and had the opportunity to meet the entire department team.


mirkulovski premium

“Excellent place for rehabilitation and relaxation. I have visited many centers of this kind so far, but this is definitely the best one I have ever seen. Highly equipped gym, experienced team of doctors, trainers and physiotherapists –altogether, in one place a complete integrated healthy life care”- said Mirkulovski.


mirkulovski naslovna

The famous handball player, who is currently active as a Wetzlar club coach in Germany, explains that he selflessly and joyfully shares his experience with the younger ones. Commitments to healthy life and physical activity should be instilled among children from an early age.



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