Acibadem Sistina Hospital and the Department of Urology had a visit this weekend by eminent urologists – Dr. Nathalie Garstka from Vienna and Dr. Akylas Kouthoures from Greece. The doctors’ visit was led by Dr. Aleksandar Mickovski, the head of the Department of Urology and Dr. Vladimir Kojovic, a world-renowned urologist, pediatric surgeon and microsurgeon with over 20 years of experience in urology and genital reconstructive surgery. During their two-day stay, they got to know in detail the functioning of the Department of Urology, considering it at world major urology centers’ level.

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“The most complex reconstructive urological interventions at ‘Acibadem Sistina’ are performed in patients with serious problems, having ideal conditions to perform them perfectly and successfully. We are honored to have a visit by our colleagues from Austria and Greece, Dr. Nathalie Garstka and Dr. Akylas Kouthoures, who declare their desire to come and improve their knowledge. Unlike many other clinics, “Acibadem Sistina” offers everything that is necessary for a successful treatment of a patient, and on the other hand, it provides everything that a doctor surgeon needs to perform a successful surgery. Completely everything, from diagnostics, organization by the head of the department, Dr. Aleksandar Mickovski, as well as operating rooms and equipment, and hospital accommodation, everything is world class”, said Dr. Vladimir Kojovic.

Doctors’ stay included two parts; on the first day of their visit they got acquainted with the outpatient care provided by this department and the processes applied for urological patients. In the second part, they were presented with the operating rooms, the intensive care unit and interventions that are performed.

“I am coming to ‘Acibadem Sistina’ for the first time. I am very impressed, the hospital is very modern, it offers sophisticated equipment and an effective team. I want to improve my knowledge in reconstructive urology, I am a fellow of Prof. Dr. Kojovic. I met a very good team here and it’s very nice in general. I have the impression that the Hospital is very huge, very well organized, the standards are at the highest level”, said Dr. Nathalie Garstka, a specialist in urology from the Medical University of Vienna, Austria.

The medical team was surprised by the complete investment, modern technology and conditions that “Acibadem Sistina” provides to its patients that, in their words, cannot be found even in some of the most developed countries.

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“I think that ‘Acibadem Sistina’ is a modern hospital, it covers the needs of a European hospital, and I highly recommend it. I saw the equipment, I saw the Hospital, and a lot of funds have been invested here… I am pleased to be part of the team, I cooperate with Prof. Dr. Kojovic for four years already. And I hope we will continue in the future. And the last, but no less important moment is the collaboration with Dr. Mickovski, who stands behind the complete team work here”, said Dr. Akylas Kouthoures, urology specialist from Greece.

This visit was also an excellent opportunity to exchange positive experiences and relations.


In addition to standard procedures for diagnosis and treatment, as well as preventive urological examinations, the urological team of “Acibadem Sistina” performs the most complex reconstructive surgeries of the urogenital tract in children and adults as well. The team of doctors are pioneers in very complex interventions, so it can be said that the Department of Urology at “Acibadem Sistina” is a leader in the country and the region.

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Leader of the Department is Dr. Aleksandar Mickovski, specialist in urology, and the team includes about 10 eminent specialists in urology, among whom is Dr. Vladimir Kojović, one of the most famous urologists, pediatric surgeon and microsurgeon with over twenty years of experience in urology and in genital reconstructive surgery, as well as Dr. Zoran Krstanoski, who is one of the most experienced urologists in the Southeast Europe, a pioneer in introducing and standardizing many new minimally invasive surgical methods. The Department of Urology at “Acibadem Sistina” that includes eminent doctors from the country and the region, recently acquired Quanta Cyber No 150, the most sophisticated and modern laser.