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The Clinical Hospital “Acibadem Sistina” opens the First Spinal Center

The Clinical Hospital “Acibadem Sistina” opened the first spinal center in Macedonia that will treat all spinal diseases. The center is equipped with modern equipment and instruments. Our top specialists, traumatologists, neuroradiologists and orthopedists will perform the latest diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical interventions on the spinal pathology.

The spinal center is the only center of its kind in the region, which offers a complete diagnosis and treatment of the spine pathology. The multidisciplinary approach of all the specialists is focused on finding the most effective treatment for each problem associated with the spine and the spinal cord. The team is ready to respond to individual problems of the patient at any time, in order to reduce the patient’s pain and to restore the spine function for a short period of time. What differentiates this center are the top specialists in the region, who are constantly striving to find new techniques to treat the most complex conditions of the spine. Prof. Dr. Jordan Saveski (traumatologist, surgeon) will be head of the Spinal center. The medical team of the Spinal center includes: prof. Dr. Jovica Ugrinoski (neurosurgeon), prof. Dr. Kiril Lozanche (neurosurgeon), Dr. Ljuljzim Agai (neurosurgeon), Dr Milcho Demerdžiev (neurologist, neurophysiologist), Dr. Neda Trajkovska (traumatologist, surgeon), Dr. Mihajlo Ivanovski (traumatologist, surgeon), Dr. Maja Kalichanin Markovska (orthopedist, surgeon), Dr. Dusko Mihajloski (neuroradioloist) Dr. Zoran Dimovski (physiatrist) and Dr. Anica Haji-Petruseva Jankijevikj (physiatrist).

Equipment for innovative surgical interventions

The Spinal center is equipped with the latest advancements in spinal treatment. Part of the equipment includes the latest neurosurgical microscope, the last word of technology, which accurately performs the most complex interventions. Within the operating rooms there are sophisticated instruments for performing innovative surgical interventions of the spine. The Spinal center has intraoperative monitoring and neuromonitoring for performing the most delicate interventions that carry risks for neurological damage. At the same time, our medical team focuses especially on the postoperative patient mobility. Focused on rapid rehabilitation after the treatment, the center also offers physical therapy with a team of 12 therapists and specialized equipment that allows the patient to continue with its daily activities in the shortest period of time.

Specially trained secondary medical team

Since the postoperative treatment and rehabilitation are crucial for altogether treatment of these patients, we created a special team of nurses and physiotherapists. With special attention, their education was directed to the postoperative treatment of these patients in order to prevent complications after surgery.

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