Thank you for prolonging my life


My story began after an accidental meeting with my friend, a doctor. The moment he saw me, immediately asked me to make some tests. I remember his words “you have a strange color on your face, you have to make examinations”. I felt exhausted and noticed changes in the urine color before, but I thought it was not a problem, it would pass. However, on my friend’s recommendation I decided to visit a doctor. Getting the results was a shock for me; I was diagnosed with a pancreatic tumor. When I first found out the diagnosis, I was not aware, everything was like a fog. Previously, when I heard someone has a tumor, I always thought it was over with him/her. When I found myself in the same situation, it was not all over, I got an incredible strength to struggle because I loved the life and I wanted to live. Even though I was told the chances for life are too small. The doctors simply gave away since they told me that my chances to survive with such a diagnosis are even smaller than 1 percent. 

Fortunately, I choose “Acibadem Sistina” hospital

The next step was to choose a hospital. Together with my family, we considered all the opportunities by more hospitals in the region. It was my decision at the end to continue the treatment at “Acibadem Sistina” Hospital. I was admitted by Dr. Toni Josifovski; he made some additional examinations and due to the seriousness of the condition, two days afterwards I found myself in a surgery room where Dr. Josifovski fought for my life. After the surgery I felt ill, exhausted. Then, after 13 days in hospital, Dr. Josifovski told me that one more operation must be performed.

After the second operation I was better

I trusted him with all my heart that he would save me, as eventually happened. With both interventions the doctors removed part of my pancreas, stomach and duodenum, while the bile was completely removed. After the second operation, I felt like a new man. After the hospital stay, my home treatment continued. I gave myself a motive and strength every day and I slowly succeeded to rise again. I changed my lifestyle radically. 

I rejoice and celebrate the life again

There is another person to whom I am particularly grateful in this entire story – Sashka Lenz, a nurse. I thank her for the complete support throughout my entire treatment. Whenever I needed anything, she always found time for me. The entire staff had a special relationship toward me. They cheered me, look after me, simply they were completely devoted. I don’t know how to thank all the staff at “Acibadem Sistina” Hospital who is guilty of me being rejoiced and laughing again because now I have everything in life. I have a family, children, grandchildren and, above all, health.

All my struggle was worth it

Today I live a second life. The proof of this is also a symbolism. The first operation was performed on May 11th. The second operation took place on May 25th, on my birthday. It was the day I was born for the second time, but at the same time a different person was born, a person who wants to live to the last breath, a person who knows what he wants with his whole being. I take care about the diet, walk up to 10 km every day, and I can say that I never felt better. I became a positive person. Thinking from this distance and recalling my whole journey, everything I’ve been through, I can only say it was worth it. Hence my advice to all who have found themselves in the same or similar situation is – love yourself and fight for because there is always a chance for everyone.

Dr. Josifovski is my hero

I have no words to describe the greatness of Dr. Josifovski. That person has a special place in my life. His expertise, knowledge and above all humanity are the reason I am still alive today. I thank him for giving me life and for achieving the impossible. He made a real miracle while I am overjoyed for making the right choice.

I struggled like a lion, I didn’t give in before the disease. I just wanted to live. Fortunately, a team of professionals headed by Dr. Toni Josifovski was behind me. I thank them for everything, because with one percent chance of survival I write this letter three years later.


Menduh Mula Ademi