And the doctors get sick, right?

It was March 4, 2017, the day when I, in a state of distraught and high temperature, report to the Urgent Center at Acibadem Sistina Hospital. A week earlier I treated unsuccessfully the infected toe of my left foot with antibiotics and dressings. I was immediately admitted at the Department of Vascular Surgery and high level of blood sugar was detected, which caused changes in my left foot and thumb due to insufficient blood flow. After the performed arteriography, clogging of the left lower leg artery was diagnosed. Regulating the blood sugar level and preparing for surgery followed.

Dr. Mitko Karagjozov performed the surgery as a bypass of the lower leg artery. The surgery was performed to save the left lower leg artery and to nourish the foot. Not that I was afraid of the operation, as it was inevitable, but I was shocked since I did not expect the outcome at all.

A multidisciplinary team took care of me

I am grateful to the tireless Dr. Karagjozov and the whole team from his Department of Vascular Surgery for all the treatments I have been through. Following the surgery was regulating the blood sugar level, as prescribed by Prof. Dr. Chedomir Dimitrovski, and then a physical treatment for easier recovery and movement. I was administered antibiotics and infusions to prevent spreading the infection of the foot into the blood. I was hospitalized for three weeks under the supervision by Dr. Karagjozov, the control team, the dressings and infusion team, coordinated by the chief nurse Sashka Lenz. At the same time I was under a diet regime determined by the nutritionist Anna. Later I tried to do dressings at home, but it did not work the best. The vigorous Dr. Karagjozov suggested me to do the dressings with special compresses at their department. The dressings lasted almost six months and the outcome was a successful healing of the thumb.

Sincere message to readers

Referring this message I would like to point out to all seemingly healthy people to do compulsory all the necessary examinations in preventive systematic examinations. It was my obligation as a primarius in labor medicine and a doctor with long-lasting experience to do them, but because of my phobia of diseases and concerns about the diabetes in my close family, I didn’t perform them.


Prim. Dr. Olga Sokolovska

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