The happiest moment in life - meeting the little beauty of 1200 grams

Everything started in the 24th week of pregnancy, when my problems began to occur. I visited two gynecological clinics without hesitation since the probability of infecting the baby was very high, and unfortunately, it was impossible for the baby to survive in this week of pregnancy. What I get as an advice at both clinics was a termination of the pregnancy. My hope was destroyed. I was very sad and disappointed because my baby would not survive!

Feeling pain in my soul I decided to perform an abortion at "Acibadem Sistina” Hospital. I met Dr. Jordancho Ivanov;  while examining me, instead of a recommendation to terminate the pregnancy, he said that I should be hospitalized until the delivery.

That meant we had to wait for at least 4 weeks so the baby could survive out of the uterus. I was speechless, I was surprised and I could not believe that there was still a hope for the baby to survive. I began to feel hope, I began to believe that I was already in safe hands, and I started to occupy myself with positive thoughts that everything would end in the best way. I trusted Dr. Jordancho Ivanov.

The weeks passed, and I spent my days resting and lying. Whenever I saw Dr. Ivanov visiting me in my hospital room, I felt an immense certainty, hope and trust.

Dr. Jordancho Ivanov is a wonderful doctor, I have no words to describe his care, professionalism and modesty. I had his attention and care, but also by the entire team at any time. I would like to thank all of them with all my heart.

After 5 weeks of hospitalization, in my 29 gestation week, the most expected day arrived on April 6, 2016. Dr. Ivanov decided to perform an urgent delivery with a cesarean section, and on that day my little Zana came to the world, having 1200g in weight and 40cm in length. The first meeting with my little girl was the most beautiful thing in my life!

With the arrival of Zana in our lives, I met Dr. Dushko Fidanovski and the team of the Neonatal Intensive Care who took care of Zana for 2 months, giving her a maternal warmth and love until I could not get close to her. Every day Dr. Fidanovski gave us hope that everything would be fine, that Zana would come home with us soon. He was sure of that, and passed that certainty to us. That's how it happened.

"Acibadem Sistina" Hospital made our dream a reality. The day when they told us that Zana was already in a good and stable condition and that we could return home with her, was the most beautiful day for our entire family. It was a day of glory and joy for all of us, after all that we went through, after all those hard and sleepless days. I am very grateful to the team of the Department of Gynecology and the Department of Neonatal Intensive Care, I thank them with all of my heart, and I wish them endless successes. I advise all future mothers to think positively, to believe in God and in "Acibadem Sistina," because only with their help your dream of being a mother could become a reality.

With love,

Nerimane Kastrati

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