Successful intervention – large liver tumor in a 37-year-old patient removed


A large and complex intervention was performed at the Acibadem Sistina Digestive Surgery Department. The surgical team led by Vladimir Avramovski, MD digestive surgeon, after a more than 8 hours intervention in the operating room, removed a large liver tumor from a 37-year-old patient.

“It was about a young patient, whose large tumor mass had completely disrupted her daily functioning. Due to the tumor size, the liver was completely displaced from its position, so the patient had daily living problems and major health complains. We performed a complex intervention on the liver and inferior vena cava large blood vessels, with successful large liver part tissue preservation. These are rare tumors of this size and this intervention is not a standard liver surgery. “We have worked hard and were dedicated to preserve the young life.  In these interventions there is a great risk with many critical places.” – says Vladimir Avramovski, MD.

The large tumor mass was with benign nature and 20×19 cm dimensions, originating from the 4th and 8th liver segments. In this complex and long intervention of particular importance is the team of doctors’ experience and part of the operating room team besides Vladimir Avramovski MD, the digestive surgeons Frosina Adamovska, MD and Monika Simonovska, MD were also included. Due to the liver surgery specifics, the anesthesia team is of great importance in these interventions, as well. Emilija Mircevska, MD and Emilija Marinoska, MD also participated.




Avramovski Vladimir

“After the intervention, the liver was repositioned in its natural state. With this procedure, the problem was completely solved, the patient was discharged from the hospital with a normal post-operative course, and regular check-ups were recommended to the patient. “- explains Vladimir Avramovski, MD.

Liver surgery – a complex process performed in highly specialized centers

The liver is a large parenchymal organ with a rich blood supply and one of its main features is that it bleeds a lot during injury and surgery. Due to its specificity and complexity, not every digestive surgeon is qualified to perform liver surgery. Liver surgery is performed in highly specialized centers staffed with medical team and medical equipment, necessary in this type of surgical procedures. At Acibadem Sistina Hospital, liver surgery is a routine surgical procedure.

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