Laser Center

The exclusive Laser Center operates within Acibadem Sistina Hospital, offering a non-invasive effective solution for a wide range of skin problems, urinary system, health and aesthetic gynecological problems, as well as functional disadvantages such as snoring. It is equipped with the latest generation of lasers, which use its powerful technology providing fast, effective and painless treatment without side effects and complications.

The laser system affects directly the treatment part without damage to the surrounding tissue, and the effects are visible after the first treatment. With its technological equipment, expertise and experience, the Laser Center is the only specialized center of its kind in the region.


A highly professional team of specialists in dermatovenerology, gynecology and surgery with long-standing experience in this field work within the Laser Center. The entire team is educated to perform laser treatments in world renowned medical centers.


Each patient gets an individual treatment plan under expert supervision. This approach provides safety and efficiency, as well as protection against occurrence of complications and side effects. It is therefore essential for the laser treatments to be performed in a relevant medical center. Any unprofessional working with the laser and working under incompetent conditions can cause serious consequences for your health.


The most modern Er: YAG Laser gives excellent results in a fast, painless way and without complications in the treatment of many health and aesthetic gynecological problems. This laser works on a basis of non-ablative photothermal stimulation of creating a new collagen and its remodeling in the vaginal wall region, the vagina entrance and the surrounding tissue at the urethra entrance (vestibulum).

Vaginal rejuvenation

The revolutionary laser provides excellent results for patients with a vaginal atrophy (vaginal and vulva dryness). Treatment results in creation of a new collagen and enhanced vascularization of the vaginal wall. After the treatment, symptoms of vaginal dryness, tingling, pain disappear.

Treatment of stress-incontinence

Laser treatment is a substitute for surgical treatment of a mild to medium degree of stress-incontinence. The treatment creates and remodelates a new collagen, resulting in normalization of urinary retention in the bladder.

Treatment of the syndrome of vaginal relaxation

Laser treatment successfully resolves the problem of pelvic floor and vaginal canal relaxation. After the treatment, the vaginal canal tightens and thickens.

The laser system is also used for the treatment of: CIN changes, genital warts, benign vulvar changes, vulvar corrective (plastic) interventions, Cystocellae (prolapsed bladder).


Thanks to the most modern dermatological lasers, all problems and defects of the skin are successfully treated. There are treatments for rejuvenation, tightening and strengthening of the skin available as well as treatments of wrinkles, acne, stretch marks, redness and skin pigmentation. After the treatment, the skin is glowing and smooth. The Laser Center offers a permanent solution for unwanted hair with the most modern epilation laser. Besides the aesthetic procedures for the skin, a solution for varicose veins and capillaries is also provided. The Nd: YAG Laser System will relieve you of the cosmetic problem arousing from varicose veins and capillaries in your body. The treatment is fast and effective and gives perfect results in all types and skin color.


The center is equipped with laser technology that provides efficient and non-invasive treatment of an enlarged prostate and urinary stones. In a minimally invasive way, highly-sophisticated Holmium Laser System will relieve you of the problems caused by the stones in the urinary tract. The laser beam affects directly the stones, breaks them into smaller pieces, without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue and without causing shock waves. Previous experiences have shown that the Holmium Laser is effective no matter the size, location, strength and composition of the stones. It also provides excellent results in patients with a greater presence of stones.