Imaging center naslovna


Fast and accurate diagnosis of all diseases, high quality images and resolution, minimal radiation dose, shortened imaging time and patient comfort are the main advantages of the medical technology available at the Diagnostic Imaging Center of Acibadem Sistina Hospital. With an investment of over 20 million euros since its opening, the Hospital has established the most modern Imaging Center in the region, using latest medical technology just as in the most renowned hospitals in the world, such as John Hopkins, CCS Paris, King’s College Hospital London. The Center has 24 types of highly sophisticated medical devices that are crucial in diagnosis and treatment, as well as additional 20 ultrasound devices for general and specialist use in hospital outpatient wards. Highly professional team of radiologists and doctors from all specialties are employed at the Center, including technicians trained to work with medical equipment, which is of particular importance for the delivery of high quality images and their professional analysis. With the latest investment in medical technology worth 3 million euros, the Hospital has once again proved that it invests in the development of the Imaging Center and is continuously keeping up with the latest achievements in medicine. The entire equipment was procured from the world’s largest manufacturer of medical equipment “GE Healthcare”, with which the hospital has been cooperating for a decade, and that cooperation means that the most advanced and state-of-the-art medical devices are being procured.

The Imaging Diagnostic Center is a key link in the multidisciplinary approach to treatment that each patient receives at Acibadem Sistina Hospital. The plans of the Hospital are its continuous development in order for the patients to receive early diagnosis and a chance for successful treatment of all diseases.



We can proudly say that Acibadem Sistina Hospital is the only hospital in the country that has a 3 Tesla MRI device for whole-body magnetic resonance imaging, which is the latest generation of magnetic resonance imaging devices. 3 Tesla MRI provides a reduced scanning time of up to 30%, accurate visualization of internal structures and organs, as well as detection of changes that are invisible with standard magnetic resonance imaging models. It has a wider aperture and a larger scan table that can withstand a weight of up to 250 kg, and has also the advantage of producing low noise. This powerful device can also perform Check-up screening of the whole body in less than 1 hour, without radiation and without contrast medium.


CT GE Revolution CT SLICE

Acibadem Sistina is the only hospital in the country having a computer tomography GE Revolution CT 512-SLICE with sophisticated technology that provides up to 40% lower dose of radiation and processes a number of diagnostic procedures for a short period of time. CT 512- SLICE has a built-in scanning system for both infants and children with ultra-low radiation dose, which is as much as 82% less than the radiation dose of standard systems.



The Department of Radiology also operates a fluoroscopic X-ray machine GE RF180 with the latest digital technology, which provides fast, accurate and reliable diagnostics and intervention procedures.


The Imaging Center has also a PET/CT GE Discovery IQ device, using Al-artificial intelligence for much more accurate detection of even the smallest changes – lesions of up to 5 mm in size. PET/CT is used to assess the stage of the disease, to detect local recurrences and distant metastases, as well as to assess the response to therapy and precisely plan radiotherapy in oncology patients. The advantages of the latest generation PET/CT are the shortened scanning time by up to 50% and the reduction of the radiopharmaceutical dose by 30-50%, which drastically reduces the radiation dose that the patient receives. The Department of Nuclear Medicine has also a compact multipurpose SPECT GAMMA camera with the help of which a wide range of diagnostic examinations are performed. The imaging is safe, and the results are released immediately.


The mammography room is equipped with GE Sennographe Pristina, the latest generation of digital mammograph with a special accessory for breasts with implants, also available for people with disabilities. What makes it different from ordinary mammographs is the special biopsy table and the device for robotic stereotaxy – computer control of intervention procedures, such as biopsies and preoperative wire markings. The new mammograph model gives a fast and impeccably clear and precise image of the whole breast.



All cardiac, radiological and neurological interventions, as well as electrophysiology of the heart in Acibadem Sistina are performed in two angiography rooms equipped with two modern digital angiographs: INNOVA 2100 / INNOVA 3100. The angiographs have superior image quality, which enables accurate imaging and safe performance of even the most complex procedures.

ginekoloski eho aparat

Thanks to 4D gynecological ultrasound and its Al-technology for automatic recognition of fetal structures and automatic measurement of parameters important for monitoring fetal development, pregnant women at Acibadem Sistina are provided high-quality examinations for safe pregnancy monitoring.

Linearen Akcelerator Trilogy

In addition to diagnostic technology, the Imaging Center also has the powerful Trilogy accelerator, which is one of the latest generations of linear accelerators that accurately treat tumors of various sizes. One of the main advantages is the possibility for IGRT-monitoring of radiation treatment through images, so that doctors during the treatment have feedback on whether the treatment is carried out according to plan and whether it is directed directly at the tumor. This shortens the radiation time, the treatment is completely focused on the tumor, and the surrounding tissue remains healthy.


dermatoskop molemax

Thanks to the sophisticated equipment, patients at Acibadem Sistina have the ability to quickly and safely detect any changes in the skin and moles, measure bone density for early detection of osteoporosis, make a high-resolution panoramic image of teeth and perform a large number of tests without waiting for an appointment, and the results are obtained immediately.