Center for oncology and radiotherapy

The Oncology and radiotherapy center at Acibadem Sistina Hospital provides treatment of malignant diseases by world standards, professional staff and advanced technology. Patients can get a complete service in one place, starting from the preventive examinations program, diagnosis with the latest technology and treatment by world protocols. In the Oncology and radiotherapy center patients will have the opportunity to use the latest diagnostic procedures, including the PET-CT examination.

Multidisciplinary approach

Anoncologic medical council of doctors-specialists from different areas functions at the Oncology and Radiotherapy Center, working together to offer the best treatment options for patients. The treatment protocols for each cancer patient at Acibadem Sistina are adopted bya team of experienced specialists. During the treatment process,treatment is planned and the patient is monitored. At the same time, special attention is paid to reducing the side effects of treatment, increasing energy levels and strength of the patient so that he/she easilyendures the healing process.


Preventive check up examinations

Acibadem Sistina Hospital has opened the first Department for Preventive Examinations – Check up where doctors specialists evaluate individual patient characteristics, risks, assessment of family illnesses and environmental factors. Depending on the results from these examinations, appropriate screening programs are recommended or implemented to patients. Preventive examinations allow detection of cancer at an early stage when the disease has no symptoms.

Diagnosis and treatment with modern technology

The Oncology and Radiotherapy Center at Acibadem Sistina Hospital provides diagnosis and treatment with the most modern technology and infrastructure by the higheststandards.

Technology for diagnosis

MRI (3 tesla)*: used to obtain fast, high-quality images of the whole body. With the help of the MRI a clear image of the soft tissues can be obtained, through many images from multiple angles. It is used for diagnosis of brain tumors, bone tumors, soft tissue sarcomas and tumors of the spinal cord. *MRI 3 Tesla since november 2016.
PET / CT:the most effective imaging technique used in diagnostics, staging of the disease, assessment ofcancer treatmenteffects and planning assistance in radiotherapy and chemotherapy in most cancers. With only one image, the exact location of the cancer can be detected, as well asdetermine how much the cancer has spread.
CT (128 slice): using X rays, it provides a view of the interior of thebody. This technology is used for visualization of soft tissue, bones and organs.
SPECT gamma camera:the multifunctional SPECT camera with two detectors enables the performance of a wide range of nuclear medical diagnosis.

Nuclear medicine and PET/CT

The Nuclear MedicineDepartment is equipped with PET / CT and gamma camera, which enable services for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. This department disposes of a single apartment for treatment of patients with radioactive isotopes, specifically designed for maximum protection of patients, staff and the environment. Radioiodine therapy is administered in it for patients with appropriate indication, and palliative treatment of metastatic bone pain.

Oncological surgery

Surgery plays an important role in setting the diagnosis and the cancer treatment. The oncological surgical interventions are performed by specialized surgeons from all areas of surgery: abdominal, thoracic, urology, orthopedics and traumatology, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, gynecology and ENT.


The Pathohistology Laboratory at Acibadem Sistina Hospital is a regional leader in introducing the latest testing methods. The laboratory is in constant contact with the operations of other hospital departments, which offers a multidisciplinary approach in the diagnosis of malignant diseases and staging of the disease.

Medical oncology

Each stage of the malignancy is a subject of medical oncology. The treatment of patients is planned multidisciplinarily,on evidence-based medicine. The oncological treatment is conducted at the Oncology and Radiotherapy Center by our expert team and it involves intravenous or oraladministration of medications. These include: chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy and biological treatment.


In this segment, the Oncology and Radiotherapy Center disposes of two types of treatment: radiotherapy and radiosurgery. The advanced technology that we use in radiotherapy destroys cancerous tissue with high doses of radiation and at the same time protects the healthy tissue. Radiosurgery is part of radiotherapy used to treat tumors, usually located in the brain, that can not be surgically removed. For the first time in the region,Acibadem Sistina disposes of this type of radiotherapyusing the safest and most powerful accelerator TRILOGY.

Technolgy for treatment

TRILOGY: linear accelerator for precise radiation therapy of tumors, with a small volume that at the same time provides maximum protection of the surrounding healthy tissue. It is used for successful treatment of all solid tumors, as well as certain hematological diseases such as lymphoma. It is particularly successful in the treatment of lung cancer, liver cancer, where respiratory monitoring isrequired. During the TRILOGY treatment, the tumor canbe radiated from multiple angles and the position can be changed as well. By changing the angle,the radiationcompletely covers the part being radiated and protects the healthy tissue. This increases the treatment success.