A simulation exercise on “Sheltering and evacuation of patients, injured, visitors and staff to a safe place, first aid and fire protection during an earthquake amid COVID-19 pandemic” was conducted at the Acibadem Sistina Hospital.

The purpose of the exercise was to check the level of training of personnel for fire and earthquake consequences management, evacuation after damage, as well as readiness for mutual response with other entities of the protection and rescue system.

The exercise was successfully performed in accordance with the standards for emergency response and all recommended protocols for prevention and protection against coronavirus in hospital conditions, as well as according to the instructions for action by taking protective measures against COVID-19 by the national protection and rescue forces, emergency response teams, and local forces engaged in normal and emergency situations, training, coaching and exercises.


The entire exercise and evacuation of COVID-19 patients was performed with appropriate protective clothing in accordance with the personal protection measures for medical personnel in conditions of COVID-19 pandemic (spacesuits, protective masks, respirator masks, protective caps, protective gloves, protective visor, etc.), as well as by using personal protective equipment for non-medical persons in accordance with hospital standards.

The evacuated COVID-19 patients were placed in a special tent (BLUE zone) with a strictly controlled access, at a safe distance from the other tents in the triage zone.

The staff responded successfully to the challenge and the exercise went great. This is the eighth year that we have been conducting simulation exercises and thanks to the experience so far, we confirm that the equipment we have and the training of the staff guarantee successful management of possible emergency situations.


This year, the exercise is specific and complex, as it is performed in conditions of a coronavirus pandemic, which was another challenge in the organization and implementation of the exercise. “We paid attention to every detail in order to comply with all safety measures”, said Milena Buzharovska, quality manager, and Marjancho Janevski, commander of the protection and rescue unit at Acibadem Sistina.

The exercise involved over 150 employees of the Hospital, and was conducted with the participation of teams from the Protection and Rescue Directorate and the Fire Brigade of The City of Skopje.