Rare and specific surgery for the first time in Acibadem Sistina: Handball-sized kidney tumor removed in a 10-month-old baby




Specific and complex intervention was performed for the first time at Acibadem Sistina Hospital. A ten-month-old baby had a handball-sized kidney tumor removed. Timely intervention and expertise were crucial during the intervention, especially since the tumor was behind the intestines, and it was extremely important to remove the entire tumor and not to crack the tumor capsule. Jakov is good now and will continue his life normally.

Dr. Risto Simeonov says it is a rare tumor that occurs in children at birth.

“The intervention is complex and this type of intervention is actually performed for the first time in Acibadem Sistina Hospital. It is complicated because it requires precise surgery because the tumor is located behind the intestines, in this particular case on the right. We had to mobilize the colon, maintain vascularization of the intestines, reach the blood vessels of the kidney and take care not to damage the tumor capsule”, says Dr. Simeonov.

The intervention was successful, and the tumor was in its first stage. The child recovered in five days and Dr. Simeonov says that after chemotherapy he will continue to develop normally.