Prof. Dr. Nikolikj and Dr. Chadikovski to Give Lectures to 400 Students at the Faculty of Medicine in Skopje


Yesterday’s lectures by Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Nikolikj, cardiac surgeon, and Dr. Vladimir Chadikovski, pediatric cardiac surgeon, delivered at the Faculty of Medicine in Skopje, stirred up great interest among students. About 400 students were registered to attend the lectures of the eminent doctors from Acibadem Sistina Hospital.

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Many questions, dilemmas, and interesting discussions were opened after the lectures – the doctors put maximum effort to unselfishly explain some of the challenges in modern medicine and in the fields they are leaders in. They themselves are leading and proven doctors and innovators, and shared their knowledge with the interested students. And the students had many questions even after the lectures.

medicinski fakultet nikolic

Prof. Dr. Nikolikj, one of the most renowned cardiac surgeons in the region, talked about artificial heart. During his lecture, the doctor shared details of how the innovations in this process are implemented and what are the benefits for the patients.

Dr. Chadikovski, who is the only licensed pediatric cardiac surgeon and most recently the head of the Acibadem Sistina Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, gave a lecture on pediatric cardiac surgery.

The event and the lectures were organized by the European Medical Student Organization.

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