At the Dermatovenereology and Dermatology Department within the Perfection Center at “Acibadem Sistina” Hospital,  new state of the art and proven cosmetic treatments are available for patients that provide luxurious face care. These treatments are performed with prominent German cosmetics which do not act only on skin surface, but also achieve their deep effect and provide long-term skin profile improvement. For the first 50 scheduled treatments – luxury botox with platinum treatment, caviar luxury treatment, argan mask treatment, hydration treatment, sensitive skin treatment, oily and combination skin treatment, mature skin treatment, as well as organic cosmetic treatment at the Dermatovenereology and  Aesthetic Dermatology Department at “Acibadem Sistina”  promotional discount of 30 percent is provided.

These treatments are performed with  Beauty Tower multifunctional device that has an UV light wood lamp, thus enabling precise assessment of skin condition and needs, rotating brushes that provide deep skin cleansing and surface layer dead cells removal, magnifying glass, hot ozone steam that warms skin and dilates pores which allows blackheads and acne detailed cleansing, as well as microcirculation improvement, high frequency combined with ozone which disinfects skin after dermatological procedures, hot-cold therapy – hot therapy relaxes skin and prepares it for treatment, while cold therapy soothes redness and closes pores and vacuum therapy and massage to stimulate circulation, skin toning and rejuvenating.

kozmeticki tretmani

Botox with Platinum Luxury Treatment – unique treatment for skin rejuvenation, which achieves  hydration effect as well as face smoothing and lifting. The biocellulose mask as part of this luxurious treatment encompases face contours and acts as a second skin during the treatment. The microfibers form a 3D network through which active hydration acts as an infusion on face skin. It is recommended after hyaluronic fillers and botox injection, which maintains filler results for a longer period of time.

Caviar Luxury Treatment – this treatment is extremely effective against skin aging signs. The amino acids, lipids and vitamins contained in caviar treatment products nourish skin and revitalize its metabolism. Tired and exhausted skin is being revived which improves skin profile. Wrinkles and lines depth are being reduced and skin elasticity and resistance are being improved.

Argan Mask Treatment – Argan oil along with essential fatty acids which it containes in combination with hyaluronic acid from seaweed is an excellent basis for rapid hydration and increased ability to retain moisture in deep skin layers. It has been proven to stimulate new cells formation, especially in mature skin that lacks lipids and improves their function, thus filling wrinkles, raising contours and retaining face moisture. Sea fennel extract keeps skin soft and firm, while strengthening its barrier function. Argan oil supplies skin with valuable fatty acids, maintains its natural hydro-lipid film and protects against free radicals. Vitamin A, C, E complex eliminate free radicals that damage  skin and prevents aging.

Hydration Treatment – treatment intended to maintain freshness and beautiful youthful appearance. This hydration, rejuvenation and contours face shaping treatment is recommended to be done at least two times a month. Whether using cream mask, peeling off masks or collagen masks, hydration treatment provides skin with enough moisture to replenish dry lines and prevent dehydration, especially in summer. After this ultra moisturizing and nourishing treatment, the client gets sensation of freshness, softness, shine and silky touch.

Sensitive Skin Treatment – skin sensitivity can not be corrected by itself. Numerous internal and external factors, especially in summer, cause skin to become hypersensitive over again. The treatment acts in skin deepest layers, where natural immunity is restored, irritation is soothed and skin is moistured. Lack of skin moisture as an initial step towards transition of normal skin to sensitive is immediately corrected, thus reducing itching, redness and feeling of tightness. Lines and wrinkles are filled and skin natural immunity is strengthened.

Oily and Combination Skin Treatment– normalizes skin irritated condition and fights inflammation locally. Thorough exfoliation is done during the treatment in order to remove hyperkeratosis and  open  clogged pores. Sebum glands excessive secretion is regulated and pores opening is reduced. Local skin inflammations subside and unpleasant oily glow from skin surface is lost. Face regains its healthy appearance.

Mature Skin Treatment – Mature skin treatment is tailored to skin needs that already needs extra care. The cell regeneration complex created by kombucha with fermented black tea and red clover fights endo and exogenous aging factors, raspberry and alpine rose stem cells stimulate new cell formation and improve and enhance skin structure quality. Thanks to the active ingredients, dry and exhausted skin is intensively moistured, thus filling wrinkles depth, while antioxidants eliminate free radicals caused by cell death and increase skin natural immunity. Clients are satisfied with face tight contours and the new fresh appearance.

Organic Cosmetics Treatment – Unique care concept with natural and organic cosmetics that supports skin physiological activity and its own nourishment and renewal power.


kozmeticki tretmani