One life, one love – Acibadem Sistina and RK Vardar together at the top for six years



The champion cup of the Handball Champions League arrived at Acibadem Sistina Hospital. For six years already, we have been proud that together with our and your RK Vardar we have touched the heights of handball Europe and the world, and that our doctors take care of the Vardar champions.

A fairy tale no one could predict. The handball club “Vardar” learned us a real life lesson. All of us celebrate their success! But how did they get there? The boys have heart and positive energy so rare, says Dr. Mihajlo Ivanovski who shared the challenges, all moments of happiness and sorrow with them. Rises, falls, pressure, injuries, exhaustion – Dr. Ivanovski was their doctor for the whole season, and according to his words they were very strong physically. They did not create pressure and did not burden themselves very much. Now the emotions are high up to the top, but during the Champions League battles and the Cologne final tournament, everyone in the team was grounded. It was not easy with the injuries since some of them were serious.

“They were mentally prepared, without creating unnecessary pressure. The boys have heart and positive energy as is rarely present in a team. Together with both physiotherapists – Dimitar Manevski and Rubincho Srbinovski, or Dime and Rubin as they are called in the club, we have taken care of the team for whole season. We went through many injuries, surgeries, ups and downs. There was no option for the last two matches; there was no room for them not to play. That’s why we prepared ourselves well”, says Dr. Ivanovski.

The outcome of Vardar participation in F4 raised the nation on its feet. The European title, the second in a row after that of 2017, awaken new emotions, a feeling of unity, happiness and community.

Dr. Ivanovski said that every problem with the handball players was resolved promptly and efficiently.

“Karachikj had problems in the last three days due to the injury, but he managed to overcome himself, and thus he was declared the MVP of the tournament. Shishkarev injured in the final with prognosis whether he would continue to play of 50/50. Then it turned out that there was no need to take risks, so he was the most cheerful from the bench”, said the doctor, giving details about the last days.

The story from the dressing room was completely different. It was euphoric and emotional, leading to new victories. Dr. Ivanovski says that, in fact, it is impossible to explain the feelings down there on the ground, on the parquet floor.

“Satisfaction and emotion, while the celebration is a special story. There are no words that can explain the whole euphoria of the team and the fans. Stole Stoilov, the captain, have to be singled out for his energy that unites the team. Certainly, the energy, the positive one, is the thread that brings together all in one and all of them contribute to it. It is really indescribable”, points Dr. Ivanovski.

Vardar is a lesson, Vardar is love, Vardar is an epic story. Such a thing that we must remember. Dr. Ivanovski also shares his impression about it.

Acibadem Sistina Hospital, as the official medical partner of RK “Vardar”, has been contributing to the success of the handball club for six years already, making available the entire medical staff of the hospital. Preparations of the European handball champions before any match start exactly with the Acibadem Sistina medical team; its goal is to contribute to positive results on the field and new championship titles by providing professional medical support. As a healthcare institution being a leader in the prevention and treatment of sports injuries, particularly the medical team of the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, it has treated many top athletes including most of the European champion handball players. The knee injury of Ferreira Moraesh Rogerio last year was successfully rehabilitated by Dr. Mihajlo Ivanovski, the traumatologist, along with the surgical team of Acibadem Sistina. Rogerio says that doctors at the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology are the best and the most competent in the region. Following the intervention last year he admits that he did not hesitate at all in choosing Acibadem Sistina Hospital.

“The whole treatment I received, from the first consultation to the post-surgery period, was at the highest level and extremely professional. Dr. Ivanovski was available at any time to answer all the questions that I had and he provided a huge support during the whole process. I could not ask for more from the whole medical team who helped me to stand on my feet again and I will always be grateful for the fact that now I can return to the field”, underlined the Brazilian Rogerio Moraes following the surgery; he scored a total of six goals in six attempts in Cologne during the semifinal against the powerful Barcelona.

Acibadem Sistina continues with its maximal medical support for the Macedonian sports clubs and national teams, hoping to contribute to new sports successes.