Nurse Rusmir: Pediatrics works in one breath


It is a profession where individual qualities, abilities and your character come to the fore. The children feel it best and they often thank me with some wonderful drawing, a beautiful song, a smile, a hug with a kiss. There is no greater gift in the world when it comes from a sincere child’s soul, emotionally speaks nurse Jasmina Rusmir of the Pediatrics Department at Acibadem Sistina Hospital. She is one of the nurses who received the most positive grades by the patients. Rusmir says she is happy and feels fulfilled with her job. She considers the work in this hospital, the opportunity to prove and show its professionalism as an asset. Even more since she works with children who, in her words, are the most unpredictable and the most serious category of patients.

“Each one has its own characteristics and requires attention. It is with them that the humanity, patience and my full commitment to them come to the fore. The first contact is always very important. Welcome smile and handshaking are the most powerful weapon. It is very difficult to get the trust of a parent whose child is sick. That is why we, the employees at Pediatrics Department, are here, offering our professionalism and unconditional attention, understanding, love. Of course, parents’ satisfaction is inevitable. Love for children was crucial to opt for pediatrics”, says nurse Rusmir.

A large number of patients pass at or through the outpatient clinic on a daily basis. Nurse Rusmir notices that the obligations dictate a good set-up, a good organization. Everyone knows their obligations, but there is mutual assistance when necessary. It is the team that works in one breath that Rusmir highlights as an advantage, as a positive energy. It is the cause for a wonderful ambient at Pediatrics.

“The vision at ‘Acibadem Sistina’ is clear, the patient is the focus of attention, and everything done is for better and high-quality service to the patients. The greatest satisfaction is when a patient or a parent feels certain that there is someone who takes care of his/her health, all of which inspires enthusiasm to continue upgrading and giving maximum of yourself”, says Rusmir.

Coincidentally “the first” or “the best” among equals

The mission of helping leads her in the work. It is, she says, the essence of the profession. Therefore nurse Rusmir does not want to let anyone feel lonely and be concerned about the health at any time. According to her, the professionalism, dedication, promptness, responsibility, communication with the team, continued professional upgrading are the key characteristics that each nurse has to possess.

Conditions at Acibadem Sistina Hospital satisfied her expectations even at the beginning.

“I was thrilled by the organization of the work, the working conditions that make me happy and satisfied with my choice to be part of this team. Working in this healthcare institution, which is undoubtedly a leader in the region, is a big challenge, but also a responsibility for every employee. You need to possess knowledge, expertise, human qualities, positive energy and have a great commitment not only to work, but to the attitude towards patients as well. As an employee of ‘Acibadem Sistina’ I am proud of the opportunity to learn from the best every day and to upgrade in professional terms, which are an additional motivation for me to love my work. I believe that everyone would like to work in such a hospital”, adds nurse Rusmir.

She is exactly one of the nurses with the highest number of praises by the patients. She modestly says that she is coincidentally “the first” or “the best” among equals.

“It’s good to work what you want, what makes you happy, what fills you. Then undoubtedly you give part of yourself. I am the same beyond the working environment – immediate, positive and always smiling. I approach with love and respect to my colleagues and patients. Great gratitude said in words or written in the questionnaires means too much, but it also  reflects my expertise, professionalism and fulfillment. Believe me, I enjoy my own success and I’m happy. They are my motivation for successful job”, says nurse Rusmir.