New system for macroscopic analysis by taking images and video recording only at “Acibadem Sistina”


A new system for macroscopic identification of materials was put into use at “Acibadem Sistina” Hospital. This system is unique in the country and it implies a great advantage for “Acibadem Sistina”.

It is MacroPATH system for macroscopic analysis of an operative sample. The system distinguishes by the fact that it can take images of histological analysis sample i.e. it is so-called “image analysis system”.

“Images of the sample are taken, all necessary measurements are done and, most important, an image and an audio recording can enter the final histopathological finding. Measurements of the changes, surface of the affected lesion, distance from the healthy tissue and other important parameters now can be displayed in an image that remains in the patient’s documentation and it can be issued in the finding whenever needed”, says Dr. Dzengis Jashar, pathologist.

Otherwise, this system can make video records of tissues or organs that are, for example, operated. Thus, all conditions could be seen and the video recordings could be used in educational purposes, for educating students and future medics. The videos display processing of an operative sample and preparing the sample for microscopic analysis.

“This makes the processing of an operative sample much easy and there is no need for writing down or useless drawing of schemes”, adds Dr. Yashar.

He points out that this system connects all pathologists in one department and provides communication at the time of sample processing.

At present MacroPATH is a unique system at our hospital and in the country in general.

The pathologists had the opportunity to get acquainted with the advantages of this system, installed and put into use on April 16th, at the presentation at “Acibadem Sistina” Hospital this month.