Minimally invasive heart surgery in a two-year-old child performed for the first time at Acibadem Sistina Hospital


Congenital heart defect surgery in a child using minimally invasive technique was performed for the first time at the Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery at Acibadem Sistina Hospital. The two-year-old child underwent surgery with lateral access to the heart, something rarely applied in the Balkans so far. The surgery was performed by the cardiac surgery team at the hospital, and the child is recovering quickly. Performing interventions with minimally invasive technique and applying this kind of approach, Acibadem Sistina Hospital once again proves its leading position on the road to become the only center in the Balkans for treatment of children with heart failures.

The intervention was performed in a child who has only 13 kg and a diagnosis of atrial septal defect. It was performed using right thoracotomy of five to seven centimeters that is a right incision of the thorax i.e. lateral access to the heart. The team of specialists successfully performed the surgery, and the benefits for the child are tremendous in terms of accelerated healing, but also the aesthetic aspect.


“It is an approach applied at our hospital for the first time, but perhaps it is for the first time in our country as well when it comes to intervention in a two-year-old child. We are especially glad to apply the techniques and methods used in the most developed hospitals in the world. It is only a proof that our team performs an excellent job, says Vladimir Chadikovski, pediatric cardiac surgeon.

Four days later the child was discharged to home treatment. This intervention proves that the team-based and multidisciplinary approach by both teams from Macedonia and Turkey in treating children with congenital heart anomalies is increasingly yielding effects. The results of the past period testify to this. The main strategy is to take care of all children with heart defects in the country.