Chairman of the Board of Directors

After graduation from the Faculty of Economics, Jordan Kamchev zealously works on sustaining and enhancing the family business, ORKA Holding. In the last two decades he created a highly reputable company that has become a widely acknowledged brand in various business sectors. His most substantial mark on Macedonian society is his investment in the Healthcare sector.

In 2001, he founded the first private specialised hospital for Obstetrics and Gynecology “Mala Bogorodica -Sistina”. Ten years later, due to his vision for a better healthcare system, he established the first Clinical Hospital “Sistina”, which became part of Turkish hospital chain “Acibadem” in the course of the following year.

Despite substantial investments in the healthcare industry, Jordan Kamchev has significantly contributed to the development of agriculture, textile industry, banking, publishing, sports and many other businesses that are part of the company ORKA Holding.

His visionary spirit, professionalism, innovativeness and commitment raised him to list of the best managers in the country and the region. As a result of his great ambition and desire to create and foster a better business climate in all spheres of society, his name had become synonymous to successful management and leadership of one of the largest companies in Macedonia.