Leonid Boshkovski


Being a mother is wonderful and irreplaceablefeeling that it cannot be replacedby any wealth in the world can. My son, Leon was prematurely born. Until the first examination, everything was in order with his development. After completing the examination, the doctor informed me that Leonid hadurogenital system anomaly,know as Hypospadia penilis. I simply could not come to termswith the reality that something is wrong with my child. Many questions and answers followed. I wanted explanations.What is it?Is it treatable?Where should I go? The doctor informed me that the only answer is surgery.

My battle began at that moment. Numerous consultations and opinions in almost all health facilities in Skopje followed, but there was no solution or answer. Everyone told me that it was a complex problem, which is difficult to solve and that more surgeries are required.

My greatest fear was how will my nine-month baby feel, how will he undergo the procedures. I was ready to replace everything for the health of my little one. Many issues were overshadowing my path – the path of my child’s life. I was wondering if all the parents who have babies with this anomaly, are so proud and happy on the one hand and immensely sad the other.

Days, weeks, months went by… but there was no solution.

After 7 months spent in searching for salvation, my child finally got another chance. During a conversation, my friends recommend the Clinical Hospital “Acibadem Sistina” by telling me that the most famous doctor in the Balkans comes there.

I have decided. I will ask Prof. Dr. Miroslav Gjorgjevikj to save my child’s life. Our first examination was scheduled in February. We were eagerly looking forward to meeting the doctor and after he told me that Leon needs surgery, the question whether only one intervention is required was inevitable. His voice was calm; his assurance and competence gave me faith that everything will be fine and a solution for my little one will finally be found. I thought that it was worth waiting for so long.

When Leonid was taken to the operating room, the waiting was hard. Every minute seemed like hours and every hour eternity…

But luckily, everything went well. The pain stopped when the cry turned into laughter, the bitter tears became tears of joy, the dark cloud was gone and Leonid no longer had the anomaly.

I thank Prof. Dr. Miroslav Gjorgjevikj from the bottom of my heart, for allowing me to feel this joy one more time, since nothing in the world is more important and more precious than the health of my son. At the last examination at the Clinical Hospital “Acibadem Sistina”, everything went smoothly and we had no problems. Now Leonid carefree enjoys his infantile days, and we are the luckiest parents watching him grow and being healthy.

Marina Boshkovska, Leonid’s mother