“Acibadem Sistina” Hospital celebrates its nine years of existence. In the course of its almost decennial work, the first private hospital in Macedonia set new standards in the healthcare system of the country, took the leading position in the region, initiated pioneering and revolutionary efforts, and established its name on the world map of supreme healthcare institutions.

“Existing at the leading position for nine years, making visionary steps every year, shifting the boundaries of everyday activities of ‘Acibadem Sistina’ Hospital in terms of staff, equipment, training and practice – is not easy at all. You should look wide, be persistent, persevere on the road, and above all, you need to love your job. These attributes are the characteristics and everyday life for our over 950 employees. And that’s the reason we are constantly at the prime position and we are continuously achieving successes!” says Dr. Jana Marin, the Hospital director and member of the Board of Directors of “Acibadem Sistina” Hospital.

What did we do in the last year? Some of the cornerstones that indicated the past period of devotion to patients are as follows: implantation of a total artificial heart for the first time in Macedonia, rating the hospital among the rare healthcare institutions where such extraordinary serious interventions are performed; applying 4K technology for safer and more successful interventions; introducing diagnostics and treatment of children with hematology and oncology diseases; successful surgery of a newborn with rare esophageal anomaly; removal of a rare tumor in pregnant woman, proud to save two lives; introducing a new method – Argon Plasma Coagulation (APC) in the treatment of pulmonary tumors … As for the figures, during the last year “Acibadem Sistina” performed 8.700 surgeries and treated 300.000 patients. The number of hospital patients has been 15.000 and 285.000 outpatient services have been performed in this period. Finally, we are proud that 1.415 babies were born at the hospital, which is a record number of newborns to date.

We can promise that in the future we will continue to work together, devotedly and hard-working, introducing new technologies, procedures and world trends, in order to make healthcare services closer to our patients.

Happy 9th Birthday!