On the occasion of skin cancer – melanoma awareness month, Acibadem Sistina Hospital  provided 100 free check-ups for moles to its patients this weekend. The examinations were

performed by team of dermatovenerologists using the most advanced Mole Max HD Dermatoscope, which enables precise screening and early diagnosis of skin cancer.

“For several years we have been participating in the EuroMelanoma campaign by providing free examinations to citizens one Saturday in May. About a hundred people each year have the opportunity to be examined using the most advanced digital Mole Max HD Dermatoscope. The campaign has, above all, a preventive character, but the most significant is the symbolic aspect of alerting to the most dangerous skin cancer – melanoma and its timely detection and treatment. There are great chances to achieve a good treatment result and survival if it is timely detected. I always emphasize the old popular belief that moles should not be touched and operated and that cancer can be obtained from them as false and inaccurate, as it is proved in the medical science. The problem occurs in those people who have come late to the doctor because of fear, when surgery cannot help in terminal stages of the disease”- explains Ass.Prof.Dr. Andrej Petrov, specialist in dermatovenerology.

In order to raise the population awareness for regular and early examination of suspicious moles, this campaign is traditionally organized at Acibadem Sistina for the fifth year in a row.