High-resolution scan quality, shorter scanning time, ultra-low radiation dose and smaller amount of contrast agent, an unique possibility to scan babies from the youngest age, precise scans even at very obese patients are some of the advantages offered by the new device for computed tomography, Revolution Apex CT. CT machine numerous advantages are due to the built-in unique TrueFidelity system that uses artificial intelligence to process the image with outstanding resolution at minimal doses of radiation. With this investment worth 1,600,000 euros, Acibadem Sistina Hospital is the only hospital in the region to own the Revolution Apex CT, the state of the art medical breakthrough in diagnostics from the world’s largest medical equipment manufacturer, GE Healthcare.

“Fast and precise diseases’ diagnosis is the key to successful treatment, especially for malignant and cardiovascular diseases, where it is important diseases to be detected at an early stage and to be intervened immediately. I am proud to say that with the latest investment we have a powerful device that offers a number of advantages not only for patients, but also for us as medical doctors. Revolution Apex CT has technology that adapts to different categories of patients, reduces pre –scanning preparation and is extremely fast. There is almost no limitation which patients can have computer tomography scan. Patients with heart disease and irregular heart rhythm, patients with kidney failure, obese patients, and small children can be scanned. The most important thing is that patients are going to be exposed to 80% less radiation dose compared to previous devices, as well as less amount of contrast agent and anesthesia. From previous experience, I can say that the new computed tomograph is a true revolution in diagnostic and interventional medicine. “says prof. Zoran Trajkovski, MD, Head of the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology.

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Fast diagnostic at heart and blood vessels diseases

With the Revolution Apex CT scanner, you get a complete picture of the entire heart in 3 seconds and patients with irregular heart rhythm can also be scanned. The device takes an image in exceptionally good resolution even in much calcified blood vessels, plaques and stents. The new computed tomograph enables a quick and detailed image of very specific conditions that require immediate treatment. The unique software is also used to plan large vessel interventions such as the TAVI procedure with a low amount of contrast and with high quality even at patients who have impaired kidney function.

Control during complex radiological intervention procedures performance

Revolution Apex CT has a system for direct patient monitoring during complex interventional procedures performance and offers the possibility for radiologists directly to operate the device without leaving the control room, which drastically speeds up work and reduces intervention time.

All body scan less than one minute

The powerful Revolution Apex CT enables fast and safe scanning of all systems at once. Its use on patients with poly traumas is particularly significant, as well as in bones’ spectral screening for bones’ swelling visualization.

With the new computed tomograph, “Acibadem Sistina” has supplemented the modern Diagnostic-Imaging Center with another powerful diagnostic machine. This pioneering move is another proof of the hospital’s commitment to keep up with the latest medical technologies in order to provide the best and the safest care for its patients.