Dr. Risto Simeonov, a pediatric surgeon, performed successful kidney transplantation in a patient with congenital anomaly – a posterior urethral valve. The intervention was performed together with Prof. Dr. Hamdi Karakayali at Acibadem Ataken Hospital in Istanbul. Two months after the transplantation, the patient is in excellent health condition.

Dr. Simeonov is the only licensed doctor for kidney transplantation in the country. In 2009 he completed education for kidney transplantation in Ankara under the mentorship of Prof. Karakayali. He has performed ten kidney transplantations in children in Macedonia so far.


storija simeonov darko

Acibadem Sistina Hospital has all necessary resources to be a kidney transplantation center for children and adults

“Acibadem Sistina Hospital has all necessary capacities, infrastructure, equipment, staff and conditions to start performing kidney transplantations in children and adults, but has not obtained a license by the Ministry of Health yet. The hospital is completely prepared to monitor these patients from the outset, to perform transplantations and then to make all necessary follow-ups. I am sure that by opening the new pediatric center Acibadem Sistina would become the only hospital that can provide first-class healthcare of this type”, says Dr. Simeonov.

Kidney transplantation saved Darko from lifelong dialysis

Darko Mitkov was born with a posterior urethral valve, a congenital anomaly of the posterior urethral wall, right before entering the bladder. This anomaly led to difficulty urinating and developing a secondary vesicoureteral reflux, more precisely under pressure the urine flow backward from the bladder to the kidneys. Despite all interventions and efforts, this anomaly caused great damage of the kidneys and it was the reason for kidney failure, so Darko had to start dialysis.

“Kidney transplantation was the only solution since his kidneys were dysfunctional. After his mother applied for a kidney donation, we prepared Darko for transplantation. We performed the intervention with Prof. Dr. Hamdi Karakayali and it went well. During the transplantation, we found that Darko’s other kidney needed to be removed. It was removed here at Acibadem Sistina Hospital, upon returning from Turkey. Now the patient lives with the kidney donated by his mother. He comes for regular follow-up examinations when according to the laboratory tests we determine the immunosuppressive therapy. Practicing regular check-ups and discipline, Darko can have a completely normal life”, explains Dr. Simeonov.


storija simeonov darko

Darko is infinitely grateful to Dr. Simeonov

Darko Mitkov has been a patient of Dr. Simeonov since his birth and anomaly diagnosing. He says the doctor has been his greatest support.

“There are no words to describe Dr. Riste Simeonov. He was with me in the most difficult moments, inspiring high hopes for better future. Dr. Simeonov is a man with great heart and kindness. He has enormous positive energy, seeing his smile and cheerful spirit you simply do not think about the disease. He is a wonderful and great man considering his knowledge, experience and kindness. There is still a lot to be written about him, but I just want to say a huge thank you, my doctor”, said Darko with lot of emotions about his doctor, his hero.