Dr. Sajkovski with Expert Advice on Immune System in Children at the “Profemina 2019” Conference

Profemina AcibademSistina

How can we protect children, what should we do to boost their immune system, which syrups are the best option to improve our little ones’ health – Dr. Aleksandar Sajkovski answered these questions with an expert discussion at the “Profemina 2019” conference.

“The immune system is a complex system that protects the body from all the intruders around us, but also a filter that cleanses the body. The first line of boosting the immune system is having a proper and healthy nutrition and avoiding preservatives, pesticides, organophosphates and herbicides in children’s nutrition as much as possible. The second natural way of boosting the immune system is the proper and regular use of probiotics”, explained Dr. Sajkovski, specialist in pediatrics and neonatology.

In addition, Dr. Sajkovski explained that children need time to develop their immune system. Even though children develop differently, they all need about 6 years to reach 40% of the immune system of adults. His advice to boost children’s immune system is to let children play outside carelessly and send them to kindergarten to socialize with other children.

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