Dr. Petkovska is the reason we are Acibadem Sistina Hospital’s patients


Chronic fatigue, exhaustion and air hunger – 63-year-old American Andrew Boname has been experiencing these symptoms for an extended period of time until a series of circumstances brought the patient with arrhythmia to the Cardiology Department at Acibadem Sistina Hospital, where he was performed implantation of a permanent electrostimulator – dual-chamber pacemaker.

“I first met Dr. Petkovska at a regular examination. From that examination on, she became our family doctor, and we gladly recommend her to all our close friends. It is a great feeling to have a positive doctor on the other side of the table and have no fear of going to the doctor. We are all amazed at her professionalism and warm approach. Even distance is not an obstacle for us to come to examinations. The dedication and care me and every patient in your hospital receives is very important to anyone who is ill. Such a good and positive attitude instilled in me a sense of security and a feeling that I was in safe hands”, Andrew explains.

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It feels really good when you go to the doctor with a smile

With a smile on her face, his wife welcomed us in the hospital room. She, too, shares her husband’s opinion that they have made the right choice. “With great pleasure and delight, this morning I made homemade cookies in appreciation of Dr. Petkovska and the entire cardiology team. It is because of Dr. Petkovska that we come to Acibadem Sistina Hospital.” – Boname family discovers.

“Her professionalism and dedication make my stay at the hospital easier. My opinion is that a hospital will only have great success if it has such professionals in its team. If you need treatment, you will never be wrong if you choose Acibadem Sistina Hospital, believe me. – says Andrew.

Dr. Petkovska says that she dedicates herself equally to each patient, and satisfied and healed patients are her greatest happiness at the end of the day.


“The patient underwent additional cardiological examinations, non-invasive and invasive, cardiac ultrasound examination and coronarography, with normal finding being obtained. Coronarography was performed by Dr. Hristovski, and in consultation with the team of arrhythmologists Dr. Ivan Trajkov and Dr. Dejan Kovachevikj, it was determined that there is an indication for a pacemaker implantation.”-  Dr. Petkovska said.

After the intervention the patient felt good. He was discharged for home recovery with advice for regular follow-up examinations and taking therapy regularly.