Dr. Nikola Pancevski gave me Matea


Motherhood is part of the nature. A blessing that every woman dreams about. The greatest moment in everyone’s life. But sometimes, the laws of nature can change and play with our lives, challenge us and test us whether we can endure these punches in order to receive this unique and unrepeatable moment in life, to have a child of your own and to become a mother. I have waited to become a mother for 16 years. All this time I had countless inseminations and in vitros, but they ultimately ended in failure. The reason for this was an intervention of the cervix which was performed many years ago. I could get pregnant but whenever my cervix deteriorated, this resulted in losing the baby.

After years of struggle, I experienced all of the latest medical procedures were which gave me hope that I will eventually become a mother. Even though it was difficult, excruciating and painful I had the fortune to have the right people by my side, my husband Toni Trendevski and Dr. Nikola Pancevski, who stood by my side until the end. They were my biggest support!