Dr. Karagjozov is my saviour, thanks to him I live my second life


Afiete Bashota, 78-year-old patient, underwent surgery on two occasions and due to a medical error, the second time the hospital where she was treated covered all the costs. After two surgeries and 24 days of hospital treatment, her condition did not improve, but became more and more complicated. Her wounds did not close while the pains became increasingly unbearable. She was here, her family in Kosovo. And instead of getting better after a month, it got worse.


In September 2019, at the recommendation by her friends, she came at Acibadem Sistina Hospital for consultation with Dr. Karagjozov. “The doctor diagnosed me with a severe leg infection, I stayed at the hospital for 8 days, and then every third day I was coming for follow-ups”. Thanks to the multidisciplinary follow-up and treatment for nine days, she got back on her feet. Joyful and pleased with the treatment she received at the Acibadem Sistina Department of Thoracic Surgery, she shared the most praiseworthy words for the entire staff.


“Dr. Karagjozov is a world-class specialist, a professional who is maximally dedicated to every patient. He is my saviour and my friend. I had no choice but to listen his advices and to come for dressings, otherwise I would remain without my legs. It was not easy for me to cross borders and travel every third day at my age. However, the main focus was my health and I was always pleased with the care I received. I knew that Dr. Karagjozov, nurse Sashka and nurse Tanja were waiting for me there with a smile. They are people with golden hands and hearts full of love. You have a staff who deserve an order for their work. Thank you for your patience, professionalism, hard work and dedication to medical care”, says Bashota.

Now the 78-year-old retired teacher says she enjoys life to the full. She walks with her friends regularly, performs daily activities without any problem, reads books and watches movies.