Doctors of “Acibadem Sistina” with expert advices at Profemina 2018 conference


Dr. Aleksandar Sajkovski, pediatrician, and Dr. Vesna Pljakoska, a dermatologist, addressed the numerous guests at the regional conference Profemina 2018, answering the most common questions that parents are concerned about and related to the skin care in children.

Why redness occur and whether parents seek advice by a dermatologist, or look for a second opinion at “Google”, were the dilemmas clarified by doctors of “Acibadem Sistina”. Special attention was paid to prevention and treatment in the youngest patients, as well as the most common skin diseases in children such as atopic dermatitis and diaper dermatitis. The participants were actively involved in the panel discussion with their questions.

Profemina is a regional conference organized in several countries, with the panel discussions focusing on topics related to health, beauty, motherhood. This conference is held for the second time in Macedonia, and the aim is to provide the audience with expert opinions of various aspects.