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Surgical Intensive Care


The Surgical Intensive Care Unit has 9 isolated cubicles and a special isolation room at its disposal where highly specialized and sophisticated monitoring and treatment is performed.


According to official statistics, the system of organization in isolated cubicles for each patient allows for risk reduction of spreading intra-hospital infections, which pose the greatest threat to health in circumstances where the patients’ general health condition is critical.


A special room with negative pressure system is opened within the Intensive Care Unit. This room is designed to isolate specific patients who are infectious and pose a risk of spreading infections. It has the most advanced devices for monitoring vital functions and for mechanical oxygen support at its disposal.


At the Intensive Care Unit, treatment is given to critically ill patients (operated and non-operated) with severely disrupted vital functions who require special treatment. The patients are under constant surveillance by the anesthesiology team. This highly specialized unit provides:

  • Oxygen support and oxygen therapy
  • Complete invasive and non-invasive monitoring of patients
  • Ventilation support by advanced appliances with all options for mechanical ventilation
  • Hemodynamic support with inotropic stimulation
  • Respiratory and physiotherapy
  • Possibility of parenteral and enteral nutrition
  • Possibility of thoracic drainage
  • Possibility of hemodialysis, hemofiltration and plasmapheresis