Psychiatrists and clinical psychologists at the Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology provide comprehensive diagnostics and treatment to individuals seeking assistance, drug treatment, psychotherapy, or just counselling in their attempts of coping with everyday life. The main activity of the Department is directed to patients who are undergoing treatment at “Acibadem Sistina” but who also need psychological support.


Long-term chronic stress consequences can be manifested as behavioural changes in the form of tension, fear, hypersensitivity, depression, confusion, concentration and memory problems, withdrawal, social isolation, as well as physical symptoms and various psychosomatic diseases. Psychological support in the form of overcoming stress counselling greatly reduces the constant tension a person feels and can significantly improve the quality of life thus preserving the person’s good mental and physical health.




  • Outpatient psychiatric treatment of all types of psychological problems
  •  Mental hygiene for coping with stress
  •  Consultation to improve professional engagement
  •  Improving the psychological wellbeing of the mother during pregnancy
  •  Advisory support to hospitalized patients, as well as during medical procedures
  • Psychological preparation and support during preoperative and postoperative periods
  •  Psychotherapy for individuals suffering from psychosomatic disorders