Pediatric Emergency Center

Pedijatriski urgenten tsentar


Many childhood conditions require urgent access. High temperature, vomiting, diarrhea and pain are only some part of the problems that cause panic among parents, especially if they intensify overnight. In order to meet the needs of our youngest patients in the times when it is most needed, we opened the most advanced Pediatric Emergency Center. The Pediatric Emergency Center is created following the world renowned emergency centers. This makes it a leading Pediatric Center in the region. The multi-disciplinary team of experienced doctors can treat all diseases associated with childhood. Each condition is treated individually by providing the best possible treatment for each child.

The Emergency Center operates 24 hours every day of the week. Our doctors are available to answer all your questions; they are here to give you advice on the best care for your loved ones.



The most modern Pediatric Emergency Center, including 5 observation rooms and an interventional room, operates within the Hospital with an aim to provide care for sick children at any time. It is designed following the example of world renowned emergency departments. Its multi-disciplinary team of doctors could treat all emergencies in children. The Emergency Center is open 24 hours a day, every day per week. The Emergency Center has all necessary equipment for monitoring children and their treatment, and it is designed and equipped as a pleasant children’s environment in order to reduce the stress and discomfort of staying in a hospital both for the child and its accompaniment.


With a capacity of 5 separate rooms for patient observations, the Day Hospital provides healthcare for sick children who need a short hospital stay. Infusion therapy, medication administration, rehydration and inhalation in pediatric patients as well as monitoring of children following diagnostic procedures that require short-term anesthesia are performed within this area.