Within the Department of Diagnostic Laboratories operates the Immunohematology (Transfusion) Laboratory, where analyses in the field of transfusion medicine, necessary for both inpatients and outpatients, are performed.

The Immunohematology Laboratory provides the following analyses for outpatients:

– Blood type test

– Direct antiglobulin test (DAT – Coombs test)

– Indirect antiglobulin test (IAT – Coombs test)

– Anti-erythrocyte antibody detection

– Cold iso-agglutinins test

Necessary amounts of erythrocytes, fresh frozen plasma, platelets and cryoprecipitate are provided for patients who are treated at the Hospital and need blood component replacement therapy.

Compatibility testing – inter-reaction between the donor’s blood and the patient’s blood is made compulsory for each patient requiring transfusion.

Autologous platelet-rich plasma is prepared at the Laboratory for patients indicated by an orthopedist, traumatologist or dermatologist. The preparation is used for prompt healing of tissue injuries or aesthetic corrections.

Autologous serum for ophthalmic treatments is prepared as well.

Transfusion Outpatient Care

The Hospital employs a doctor specialist in transfusion medicine, whose expertise in this field provides examinations and consultations for outpatients suffering from changes in the extremities’ blood vessels, patients who have bleeding or thrombosis, as well as for determining the correct dose of anticoagulant therapy by scheme.

To meet the medical needs in the treatment of inpatients, expert consultations in the area of clinical transfusion medicine, evaluation of the patients’ hemostasis, as well as counselling on further treatment are practiced at the hospital departments, thus contributing to the multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of hospitalized patients.