The Department of Hematology at Acibadem Sistina Hospital offers diagnosis and treatment of hematological diseases in outpatient conditions and daily hospital.


– Iron deficiency anemia

– Megaloblastic anemia

– Aplastic anemia

– Haemolytic anemia

– Refractory anemia – Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS)


– Essential thrombocytopenia

– Refractory thrombocytopenia – MDS

Chronic lymphoproliferative disorders

– Chronic lymphocytic leukemia and variants (CLL, CLL/PLL, PLL, HCL)

– Non-Hodgkin and Hodgkin lymphomas

– Myeloma cell dyscrasias (MM, MGUS, EMM, SMB, EPM, IPSID, PCL, WM, heavy chain disease)

Chronic myeloproliferative disorders

– Primary proliferative polycythemia and Hypoxic secondary polycythemia

– Primary thrombocytopenia

– Chronic myelofibrosis

Myelodysplastic syndromes

 Venous thrombosis

Examination for clinical assessment of veno-occlusive disease, identification of patients at risk of thrombosis, general approach for prevention of thrombosis, treatment and routine control of oral anticoagulant therapy.