Emergency Center


The Emergency Center treats all urgent conditions in children and adults 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It operates ambulance vehicles for fast and safe medical transport, emergency outpatient clinics (pediatric, gynecological-obstetric, surgical-internal), day hospital with 7 cubicles and a resuscitation room. The Center is directly connected to the Department of Radiology enabling quick diagnostics and timely treatment to emergency patients.

Reanimation and Resuscitation Room

The Resuscitation Room is the most important segment of the Emergency Center. It accommodates and immediately takes care of patients in a life-threatening condition, those who require urgent medical treatment and  in need of immediate resuscitation procedure. During such interventions, the resuscitation procedure involves medical teams from the Department for Intensive Care and Resuscitation, as well as from the Department of Cardiology.

Day Hospital

Patients stay at the Day Hospital for a certain period of time until their health is stabilized. During their stay these patients undergo the necessary diagnostic procedures and interventions.They also receive appropriate therapy, they are regularly monitored and then either hospitalized at appropriate departments or discharged.



Fast and safe medical transport

The Emergency Center hasthree well equipped ambulances that provide transport of patients from a certain location to the hospital and vice versa, as well as transport of patients to distant destinations. Patients are always accompanied by appropriate medical teams depending on their health, condition and the type of disease. These vehicles are equipped with quality monitoring equipment, oxygen support, respirator, infusion and perfusion apparatus for controlled delivery of fluids and support to the cardiovascular system. Depending on the need, there are also equipped with bags of adequate medications, immobilisers and bandage materials that would be used depending on the patient’s health condition.

Transport of seriously ill newborns

“Acibadem Sistina” offers transport to high-risk and seriously ill newborns. The hospital owns a modern ambulance – a fully equipped vehicle, customized for the transportation of adults, children and infants. In addition, a transport incubator which features self-adjusting body temperature technology, as well as an independent oxygen supply to newborns during transport, is included.

A pediatrician is available 24 hours a day at “Acibadem Sistina”

Many childhood conditions require urgency. High fever, vomiting, diarrhea, injuries cause panic among parents, especially if simptoms intensify overnight. In order to meet the needs of the youngest  when they most need it we operate the most advanced Pediatric Emergency Center. It is established by following the format of world renowned emergency centers.  Our center has become a leading pediatric center in the region. The multi-disciplinary team of experienced doctors can treat all diseases associated with childhood. Each condition is treated individually, aiming atproviding the best possible treatment for each child.