Dermatovenerology and Aesthetic Dermatology


Equipped with the latest and the most advanced medical technology, the Department of Dermatology is a place where patients receive an integrated approach in the diagnostics and the treatment of skin disorders. Special attention is given to the Aesthetic Dermatology Unit. With the introduction of the latest treatment methods for rejuvenation and skin care the Department of Dermatology is pioneering the implementation of numerous aesthetic procedures.

Laser treatment

All deficiencies of the skin are successfully treated with the application of the most advanced dermatological lasers. The revolutionary eCO2 Laser provides effective treatment aimed at rejuvenation, tightening and strengthening of the skin  smoothing  of wrinkles, acne, stretch marks, redness and skin pigmentation. The skin looks shiny and smooth after the treatment. The Laser Center offers permanent solution to unwanted hair with the most modern epilation Er: YAG Laser. Besides aesthetic skin procedures,  treatment of varicose veins and capillaries is also provided. The Nd: YAG Laser System will relieve you of the cosmetic problems  related to varicose veins and capillaries. The treatment is fast and effective and  making perfect results in all skin types and color.

Fractional eCO2 Laser

The eCO2 fractional laser is the newest technology for rejuvenation and treatment of skin defects. The laser treatment induces invisible skin damage, penetrating to the deeper layers of the skin and stimulating the healthy tissue into producing new collagen. This procedure is used in the treatment of wrinkles, large pores, scars, acnae scars, dark circles under the eyes, rejuvenation of the arms, the neck and the neckline.  It also restores the elasticity of the skin. This method is safely used on the face, neck, arms, hands and legs.


Laser hair removal

Contemporary methods of laser hair removal destroy the hair follicles, freeing you of unwanted hair in an easy, simple and painless  way. Our top-professional team, by using cutting-edge technology performs laser hair removal in a safe manner. The average number of treatment sessions for laser hair removal is  six.






PRP (Plasma-Rich Platelet)

The Plasma-Rich Platelet (PRP) method entails drawing small amounts of blood from the patient, processing it and injecting it back into the body of the patient. PRP revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin. It is used for a rejuvenation treatment of the face, the neck and the neckline and also in combination with laser and peeling treatments.

Botox and dermal fillers

Throughout the last decade, Botulinum Toxin remains one of the most popular substances in aesthetic procedures. Its application results in smoothing face wrinkles and face lines caused by aging. Botox is applied in the treatment of forehead wrinkles, wrinkles above the nose and around the eyes. The result is a lasting effect (of up to 6 months), after which the treatment is repeated. Botox is successfully used in the treatment of excessive sweating – a major problem for  many people. Dermal fillers or fillers of wrinkles and facial deficiencies are widely used in aesthetic treatments. Hyaluronic acid, produced naturally in the human body is one of the most frequently used substances for this purpose. Dermal fillers successfully fill wrinkles around the nose and the mouth in the long run (of up to 12 months). These substances are also used to accentuate certain parts of the face (the lips, the cheeks). Local anesthetics are applied before the treatment, thus providing the patients with maximum comfort.


Ultrasonic cavitation method

Cavitation is the most popular method for shaping the body. This method is based on using low-frequency ultrasound, which acts to degrade the fat cells. After the painless and non-invasive treatment, the skin surface remains intact – there is no bruising, no pain, no swelling, so patients can continue with their everyday tasks. Fat deposits are lost in a short time  resulting  in volume reduction and shaping of the body. If applied once a week for the duration of approximately 45 minutes, the method of cavitation could reduce about 2-6 cm of the volume.


Mesotherapy is a modern medical method for skin rejuvenation on the face, the neck, the neckline and the hands, as well as for cellulite treatment. It is performed by injecting active substances into the skin layers, where skin care products do not reach. Active substances are inserted into target points of the skin, stimulating rejuvenation and skin rehydration, improving the texture and reducing pigmentation. Mesotherapy can be applied simultaneously to dry and sensitive skin.



Dermatoscopy and mole mapping

Dermatoscopy is skin surface microscopy used in examination of moles. It determines whether pigmented lesions (moles) are benign or suspected of being malignant. That information is needed before performing surgery for skin lesions removal.


Skin testing for allergies

Patch testing for skin allergies is used for the purpose of determining allergic reactions (contact dermatitis) to a particular substance when in contact with the skin. We also offer scratch and intradermal allergy tests for detection of allergies to medications and anesthetic agents; we also perform tests for allergic reactions to insects.

Dermatological methods and procedures

By applying modern diagnostics and treatment medical procedures, the experts’ team at “Acibadem Sistina” successfully treats all skin problems. These include: cryosurgery (by the application of liquid nitrogen), electro-thermo-coagulation for treating skin lesions and radio-frequency surgery (RF). Skin biopsies (punch and excision skin biopsy) are part of the wide range of services  of great importance for establishing accurate diagnosis in suspected skin lesions.