The first specialized Department for Preventive Examinations (Check-up) is fully operational at “Acibadem Sistina”. The Department introduces new methods in preventive medicine through precise tests and examinations aimed at early diseases diagnostics in healthy individuals. By using the Check-up program we can get important information about our health and find out if we have a risk of some diseases.

The special Check-up program is distinguished from other hospitals by the uniqueness of its services,  such as:

  • Corporate check-up programs
  • Individual check-up programs
  • Pediatric check-up programs

Why is medical check-up needed?

There are times when you feel good and probably think you do not need a doctor or any tests or examinations. However, risks we face in our everyday life are everywhere around us. Lifestyle, as well as genetic predispositions (e.g. family members who suffer from diabetes, heart problems or cancer), could sometimes  present a potential risk which you inevitably face. Therefore, check-up examinations play an important role in early diagnostics of diseases. Examinations reveal the current condition of your health  and protect you from more serious diseases in the future.

Early diagnostics

Regular health examinations and tests can help diagnose a disease in its early stage, when there are no apparent symptoms. The healthcare screenings performed for individuals without any health problems are called Check-ups. At  “Acibadem Sistina’s” Check-up Department, specialist doctors assess the patient’s individual characteristics, the risk, family diseases and environmental factors. Depending on the results, appropriate patient screening programs are recommended and implemented.

Results obtained by screening programs are analyzed by a specialist doctor who subsequently makes appropriate recommendations. As a result of the timely diagnosis and treatment, individuals are enabled a long, productive life and an opportunity for a permanent cure of timely diagnosed diseases. The cutting edge technology in the hands of experienced clinicians and radiologists (MRI, CT, PET/CT) enable complete and detailed physical examinations for early detection of malignant diseases and other body changes. During the check-up examination, patients are accompanied by a hospital employee. While waiting for the results, patients can have a snack in a comfortable room equipped with a TV set with Internet access, magazines and newspapers.

Corporate check-up programs

Corporate check-up programs offer medical package examinations for managers and employees, as well as for new employees.

Individual check-up programs:

Individual check-up programs are categorized by age and gender:

Check-up programs for managers:

Pediatric check-up:

New Check-up Plus Packages for Men and Women: