Cardiac Surgery

The Department of Cardiac Surgery is built according to the latest world standards. It offers a professional approach in treating patients and supreme healtcare in order to meet the specific needs to all categories of patients. It is composed of leading international team of cardiac surgeons with extensive experience led by Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Nikolikj.


The Department consists of intensive care unit, a hospital ward and outpatient clinics. Its success in the past is a result of continuous investment in education and improvement of the team. The routine protocol system of work requires continuous information and upgrading of the staff through daily morning meetings, presentations and forums with doctors in other specialties at the clinic and special meetings with the cardiology team. Such consortiums of experts are open to external cardiologists and other specialists in order to promote the team approach to work.

The Department employs a specially trained professional team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, cardiovascular perfusionists, nurses, physiotherapists and paramedics. The international team of cardiac surgeons includes Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Nikolikj, Dr. Vladimir Emanuilovikj Belostotski and Dr. Eljlvis Mustafa, leading professionals who have performed cardiosurgical interventions at world reference centers.

Interventions/surgical procedures

The Department of Cardiac Surgery at “Acibadem Sistina” performs a full range of cardiac interventions, from routine operations to the most complex open heart procedures. The performance and statistics successes are a result of the unified approach, teamwork, dedication and most sophisticated equipment in the region.

The following interventions/procedures are performed at the Department:

• Coronary bypass (CABG, MIDCAB, OPCAB) and thrombendarterectomy of the carotid arteries
• Aortic valve reimplantation or remodeling (David I, II)
• Mitral valve replacement or repair, with open heart operation or minimally invasive approach
• Tricuspid valve repair or replacement
• Treatment of aortic dissection and aneurysm

Individualized approach to treatment

The individualized approach to treatment has been accepted as a standard of work at the hospital. It starts by meeting with the patient, in order to decide the most appropriate surgical procedure; it continues with superior surgical care and is completed with planning and implementation of appropriate rehabilitation programme. Our goal is to educate patients. We believe the treatment outcome is better and the rehabilitation faster when patients understand their disease and treatment options.  Every patient is provided, at any time, with advice or an opinion on their condition or on a specific problem. This approach has enabled us professional healthcare, successful treatment results and satisfied patients.

Intensive care

Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit, led by cardiac surgeons and anesthesiologists, has 14 beds available. It has the most advanced equipment for reanimation and intensive treatment, providing treatment and care for all critically ill patients, in early postoperative period and for those with chronic diseases as well. The team of leading experts in the field of intensive treatment provides healthcare according to world standards and protocols in order to improve the general condition, which results in a shorter hospital stay.

Future plans of the Department

The future plans of the Department are focused on:
• Investment in new equipment for minimum invasive interventions
• Introduction of new technologies for aorta surgeries
• New equipment for cardiac arrhythmia surgery
• Introduction of the latest heart failure program and implantation of a centrifugal blood pump in patients with cardiomyopathy (left/ right ventricular assist device: LVAD/ RVAD). By implementing this programme, our center will become the only one in the region providing superior service and solutions for patients suffering from heart failure.

• Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI)

• Total Artificial Heart transplantation (TAH-t)