Day of Nurses: Praises for humanity and for nurses of Acibadem Sistina


Nurse Snezhana Jovanovska of Acibadem Sistina Hospital was awarded an acknowledgment as the most human nurse at the event organized on the occasion of May 5th, the International Day of Midwives, and May 12th, the International Day of Nursing.

This manifestation is traditionally organized by the Association of Nurses, Technicians and Midwives of Macedonia (ZMSTAM).

The Nurses Week was marked with series of events at Acibadem Sistina Hospital. Guests from abroad, visits and lectures, exchange of experiences and knowledge – were part of the nurses’ activities.

Biljana Dilevska, the director of nurses at Acibadem Sistina, says that the activities that have taken place make a great contribution to the development and improvement of the healthcare programs, but also to taking care about citizens’ health as the key goal of hospital nurses. Our hospital is an example of developing nursing in the country, we set standards as the most developed countries.

“We were lecturers at the Anesthesia Nurses Section as well, where we presented the only informative system on educating nurses in Macedonia and the way of educating and checking their knowledge. The SOS Children’s Village, in turn, was the place where team of the Pediatric Diseases Department at Acibadem Sistina Hospital held a lecture covering all topics related to proper growth and development of children of different ages. By making conversation and examples, a relation between the children and sheltering families was established and the next workshop was agreed upon, as an attempt to contribute to a happier and safer childhood by professional advice”, adds Dilevska.