Berkan Ahmet is a young and active 36-year-old man. Besides being an artist, producer, and singer, Berkan is also an actor. He felt that his physical fitness started to be reduced some time ago, so Berkan began to feel tired, more often and for longer periods of time. That was an alarm for him that something was wrong. He could not take air when he was singing, he started to breath with difficulties, and at the end he decided to come to Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Nikolikj at the Acibadem Sistina Hospital. After an ECG and echo of the heart were performed, the doctor concluded that a surgery must be undertaken immediately. Berkan Ahmet is admitted at Acibadem Sistina Hospital with severe aortic insufficiency, and Dr.Nikolikj concluded that he actually has a congenital heart defect that has not been diagnosed his entire life until now.  Now that the intervention is done, he has no more problems regarding the previous condition. Berkan is feeling very well and may perform all his daily activities.

Initial fatigue and shortness of breath

Berkan testifies that suddenly he started to feel tired, although he always had an active day.

“I have started to feel tired, I am very active during the day, filmmaking, a theater performance … later I have realized that I cannot walk with the same intensity as I was walking previously, I could not climb the stairs, I did not have the energy as I used to have it before. I remember, the last time while I was singing, I have noticed that I could not do it because I was losing my breath, and that was the moment when I have decided to visit Dr.Nikolikj. After the medical examination, Dr.Nikolikj told me that a surgery was necessary. The professor was very professional and he pointed out the problem to me. I am very grateful to his commitment”, testifies Berkan, reminding himself on the initial issue that he had.

Berkan is at the end of his studies and soon he will be a graduated actor and his greatest desire is to get a job at the theater, even though he is already acting. When the problem arose, he wondered if he would ever be able to commit to his career. Fortunately, everything ended in the best possible way. Actually, he had his heart issues since his childhood, but over the years it become more serious and even dangerous for his general health condition.

“When the echo of the heart was performed to me, I did not know how to react, but when I have found out who is going to perform the surgery, I got encouraged that I am in good hands. I will remember this for the rest of my life and I am aware that everything that I did was for the best of my health. The conditions at the Acibadem Sistina Hospital are excellent, the entire team that works here is the most professional one. I cannot believe that the entire work is performed in such an organized manner”, says Berkan.