After 10 years of struggle for posterity, today we live for Sofia


After 10 long years spent in hospital corridors, treating sterility and losing three babies, Julia and Petar today are proud parents of Sofia. Their story testifies that perseverance, dedication and trust in the medical team result in success.


Diagnosis of sterility appeared as the first obstacle to the great desire for motherhood from the very beginning, and it was without any medical reason. “Doctors said it was an idiopathic sterility – infertility without any reason. We performed all possible examinations together with my husband, and they were quite regular. There was no reason not to get pregnant, but it just did not happen, for a long time. We were worried that I could not get pregnant for a long time, but after a few years, it finally happened – a positive pregnancy test. But the problems didn’t stop there”, says Julia.


Due to the short cervix, it was necessary to make an emergency cerclage at 20th week of pregnancy. The intervention was performed at the University Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics, but, unfortunately, it was unsuccessful. Just after a few days, Julia’s amniotic sac ruptured and the pregnancy ended. “I was pregnant with twins, it was a pregnancy that we had been expecting for a long time and that changed our lives. Unfortunately, we lost both babies but we were determined with my husband to continue to struggle for what every couple deserves – baby in their arms”.


“Confirmation that miracles happen was that after a few months I get pregnant again, spontaneously. New pregnancy, new happiness, but also a new fear. I was asking myself if it would be all right, I was afraid of losing this baby again. I was cautious since the first day I found out I was pregnant, taking care of myself too much. But, the thing I was most afraid of occurred once again. In 12th week of pregnancy, the baby lost the cardiac action. The second chance for becoming a mother failed with the curettage”, recounts Julia.


After 4 months, I get pregnant spontaneously. But the pregnancy started with certain problems from the very beginning since not knowing that I was pregnant I was drinking high doses of antibiotics for Escherichia coli. I referred to Acibadem Sistina Hospital to be examined by Dr. Gordana Petrovska, who performed an ultrasound examination and told me not to worry, that it is still early, the organogenesis has not started yet in the first month so there would be no problem. And so it was. The pregnancy was in the best order until that fatal 20th week, when the same problem as when I lost the twins occurred once more. My cervix was short again, and the doctor recommended an emergency cerclage. I was asking myself if I will go through it again? I was too scared and did not know what to do, I was only sure that I would not go to the University Clinic of Gynecology again. So my search for a doctor who will save my baby began. And I can say that I found the best!


Since I had a long history of critical pregnancies, I was constantly searching the Internet for women like me, who share their experiences on blogs. I read positive comments about Dr. Ivanovski, that he has resolved difficult cases like mine. It was clear to me that I needed a good, professional doctor who would be our hero. They gave me a contact to Dr. Ivanovski and I immediately called him. Thankfully, after hearing about my condition, the doctor asked to see us immediately. I think that Delchevo-Skopje road was crucial for my condition to deteriorate, so when we arrived at Acibadem Sistina Hospital I had maternity pains and I was completely opened with a prolapsed amniotic sac in the vagina. Dr. Mitko Ivanovski spoke plainly with me and my husband; he told us all the options and all the risks that unfortunately exist, but promised that he would do his best for a happy ending to this pregnancy. He talked with such professionalism, humanity and trust that I immediately felt myself safe and I knew that this doctor would do the impossible.


Fortunately, the cerclage was successful, and now my persistence and sacrifice were on the move. Strictly lying – was the recommendation by Dr. Ivanovski. I get it literally. Frightened by the road Skopje-Delchevo and due to the distance, we decided to take an apartment in Skopje and be close to Acibadem Sistina and Dr. Ivanovski. I literally did not get out of my bed for 12 weeks, just for the toilet, but I also tried to do it as fast as I could. My husband took an unpaid absence of work and stayed with me for the whole period to help me. I was persistent and I knew deeply within myself that this time it must be good. Within that period I received great support from Dr. Mitko Ivanovski, who gave me strength by his positive energy and calmness. I knew there was no room for panic with him by my side.


After 12 endured weeks, the day when Sofia came into the world happened. My amniotic sac broke and we immediately went to the hospital. Since the baby was small, the doctor planned a spontaneous delivery, but my condition did not allow it, the baby become tachycardic and yet everything ended with caesarean section.


A baby of 1.800 grams, small and fragile … I told myself it is my Sofia, my hero who endured to be finally together. There was no end to our happiness. Since she was born prematurely, she was referred to the Department for Neonatal Intensive Care, under control by Dr. Dushko Fidanovski, another superior professional who was completely dedicated to our case. After 4 days I left the hospital, but again in Skopje, and Sofia stayed for another 3 weeks and then all of us together, feeling happiness and joy in our hearts, left to our Delchevo. While we are alive we will be grateful to Dr. Mitko Ivanovski for being here with us, because he was a doctor and a friend, professional and spontaneous when necessary. Thanks to his expertise, after 10 years I fall asleep peacefully every night and wake up happy since now I have a new reason and a sense for life”.


Julia and Petar Kacarski